Exploring the Identity of American Artist, Jackson Pollock

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This pathfinder is an excellent resource for persons interested in knowing more about the famous American Artist Jackson Pollock. In the event a student is undertaking a research on this particular artist it is recommended that students begin with the books, plus the articles on his biography, in addition to information at the Websites below. Jackson Pollock is credited with the introduction of what is termed in painting today as “drip paintings.” These types of painting is done by first performing what is termed flinging followed by dripping carefully mixed thinned enamel paint on top of a canvas that is spread out on the floor where the artist is doing his painting. The beauty of this painting style is that is allows lines and colors to stand out for much admiration.


  • Brady, J. (2018). Jackson Pollock Biography. This website provides a synopsis on his birth, early life, forces that shaped his quest for painting including the depression, the drip period, and how he became involved and developed into an icon in the world of artists, and the circumstances that led to his death. Students will most likely appreciate the wealth of information of his life work.
  • Pollock, J. (2001). John Pollock. McGraw Hill, Berkeley, California. This book allows novices to Java Script to get the confidence needed to learn it. It provides a step by step process manually. It is not difficult at all to follow its directions and to gain mastery of JavaScript. For instance, it divides modules into easy to comprehend chapters targeting identifiable skills. There is a page set aside for questioning and answers by users to experts. There is a section for drills and self assessments too.
  • Pollock, J. (2007). Paintings and Drawings: 1934 – 1952. McGraw Hill, Berkeley, California. This book contains several of the most famous paintings by the artist between the years 1934 and 1952. Students and researchers would gain valuable insight into the powerful world of abstract painting evoked in his paintings. They are so enchanting they would empower readers to dig deeper to understand the artist and his works.


Students and persons interested in knowing more about Jackson Pollock would find a comprehensive list of materials on the artist at the following Website, and strongly encouraged to visit and peruse the materials here. Additional and specific articles on Jackson Pollock and his work are also available in this carefully selected articles. Ouellette, D. A. (2018). Study: modern masters like Jackson Pollock were “intuitive physicists.” Technica. This article addresses a unique but unknown aspect of Jackson Pollock’s life as a painter and artist and provides a rare comparative analysis of his work with other well known artists of our time. Knowing what and who intuitive physicists are in relation to accidental paining is valuable in coming to grasp with the quality of work produced by Jackson Pollock. It is the careful study of Pollock’s painting by foreign physicists with particular reference to his fluid use in painting that led to his inclusion in the world of intuitive physicists. Linking Pollock’s artistic creative designs with study of physics could enhance students use of color selections in painting too.

Jameson, M. (2017). Jackson Pollock: Drip Discovery. Woodshed Art Auctions. This article delights readers with much information on the forces that shaped and influenced Jackson Pollock as an artist and painter. To know Jackson Pollock is to see him as a leader in abstract expressionist artistic painters group and this article rightly justifies his inclusion. It is a must read for students and researchers interested in really getting themselves acquainted with Jackson Pollock’s work and how he stumbled upon it while working on transcending the art of surrealism, cubism, and impressionism of his time. Pollock, J. (2018). Biography, paintings, and quotes. Students and researchers who read this material would realize its great depth of wealth on Pollock’s work. There over 100 of his best paint collections here with outstanding analysis as well. His ability to create and submit a masterful abstract lines of color that defies contemporary drawing and painting guidelines is evident in this article.

Journal Articles on Jackson Pollock

  • Wilkin, K. (2015). Jackson Pollock: Blind spots review. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from https://www.wsj.com/articles/jackson-pollock-blind-spots-review-1449612876
  • The Black paintings of Jackson Pollack are paintings that have been examined by people from all levels of society to try and make sense out of them. These are special paintings by the famous artist that were once on display at the Betty Paintings Gallery in New York depicting various aspects of the artists life and work. They are priceless and worth review by researchers and students not only interested in developing expertise in his style of painting and art work but incorporating their salient value pieces in their own creative work.
  • Jaffee, B. (2004). Jackson Pollock's Industrial Expressionism. Art Journal, 63, (4 ), 68-79. This is a must include article on Jackson Pollock by all students and researchers for its valuable depiction of his paintings and creative art works as symbols of industrial expressionism. Not all world acclaimed artists fall in this category and to show appreciation for Jackson Pollock’s life time work one must take a good look at this articles content. It is one of those scholarly publications that lend much credence to his work.
  • Block, F. (2018). Jackson Pollock masterpiece that sold for $306 in 1950 seeks $18M. The value of an artist’s work can be found in the price sale of his or her collections. Jackson Pollock’s work, that is, one of his several works had to go for an asking price on the block for $18 million in modern times. This is information that solidifies his place in historical accounts of the great American artists. Including this information in a paper or research on the prominence of Jackson Pollock, his life and work could enhance significantly anyone’s work. The art piece depicts varied layers of drips with yellow, red, and beautiful green trimmings on a silver platform or canvass, just a spectacular work of art for keeps.
  • Marsh, J. (2018). Arts patron battle in court for control of Pollock’s charity. New York Post. The need to keep Pollock’s legacy alive is evident in this article as professionals in his line of work engage themselves in court to ensure he is never forgotten. That is a mark of true greatness and a legitimate material for literary productions. This short but rather pertinent article throws so much light on the extent to which people may go to exploit their relationship with Pollock to their advantage too. It is like a thriller worth noting.
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