Everyone Should And Want To Go To College

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In countries all over the world the one goal set by the government is to provide education and improve literacy rates, even though it is not mandatory to attend college for “every job” but it is important for multi-national countries around the world. Yes! It does polish and enhance the thinking levels of a student but let’s get real, it always looks good on people’s resumes. Not only that, but nowadays many places judge you according to “which” college you came from, if you’re an average student of “oxford university” you’ll always be chosen above the student with better grades just because he/she is from a college which is not recognized internationally. Normally we would say that colleges are ‘’ONLY’’ highlighting and giving importance to the students grade, well consider re-thinking because we are talking about the ‘’21st’’ century.

“GRADES DO MATTER!!” but to an extent of where the students social and physical life is also given importance along with extra-curricular activities, many students may be studying hard for good grades and scholarships but others would just do what they like on a whole new level, want to play football? Well just compete against local schools and win to attain a 25% scholarship. College scholarships are hard to get, but they create a sense of importance of parents to the students, as I mentioned earlier that students will study hard to achieve good grades, well in this case the student is spending time on studies to help out his/her parents ‘’financially’’. With being too much active socially and physically students tend to lose focus of studies and lean towards bad grades and society pressure and eventually the stage of ‘’DEPPRESSION’’, this problem causes a disruption between relations and studies but not to forget that this also enhances the thinking of an individual and helps to forget old times and gives the willpower to “try again”.

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It’s easy to have an answer puppeted by others opinions in fact Linguist Steven Pinker quotes “participants read sentences, each followed by the word true or false” meaning that nowadays students stick to what is taught to them and have a sense of hesitation whilst stating their opinions, this causes the gradual downfall of their creativity and mindset. It is agreed that we need to have a plan and bring out things in a way which everyone is familiar of, but that causes distress and eventually leads to a term mentioned earlier called depression, now the student will use his/her thinking skills but in a bad way or with the perspective of a darker world which eventually leads to misleading thoughts that would make the student question everything present of the face of the earth. All this reminded me of a quote which was mentioned by Rene Descartes “I think, therefore I am” which encourages my point of everyone in this world to have a different and unique thinking style without which we become someone we aren’t.

In the book it has been identified “blogs and social media allow us to reach many people all at once. The internet makes us more efficient”, couldn’t I have agreed more that internet makes everything easier but “unnatural” meaning either if you’re having a conference call on WhatsApp or going live on Instagram, you still won’t have the same feeling as meeting friends in reality, it may look cool and all but colleges are a better and more efficient way of students to interact amongst each other or sit down and have a discussion on a topic or even exchanging jokes among each other. Colleges may sound scary that they might have unlimited studying but in reality they have common rooms and playing grounds for the students to relax and socialize the old school way.

Stating all the facts it has been recently studied that college students have a higher suicidal rates, ‘’why?’’, well it’s because when there is only one heir to the family he/she work hard for the betterment and to support their parents in every way possible to them, either if it’s by achieving scholarships in the best universities in the world or either if its to get better in a subject or field in which they are interested to pursue. The lack of confidence and support by the family causes great distress between their relations and may affect the student’s academics at school and lead to bad grades which mean society makes fun of you and compares you to mentally stable people who have no problem in their lives whatsoever.

Why is it so that in a world full of competition, the people who have contacts and “under the table” diplomacy among so called ‘friends’ get the better share of everything whereas a person with extraordinary talents cannot showcase any as he/she do not have a way to implement or show it to the world, well you might have guessed it right, that’s where colleges come in. so look, these places contour and polish the student of how to behave in the real world, the students may have to arrange events themselves or even look after campus, but this gives a source of courage and responsibity, well responsibility is not the answer of everything as people are cruel and exposed to this cruel world so the next time you are giving money to a senior who is arranging a party, its most likely for him/her to use the profit unprofessionally.

At the end we may realize that Colleges may have their pros and their cons but at a time when systems control our daily routine they have an importance and relevance either it’s a student who’s socially struggling or even to a student who is working hard to create a change or a base which could support his/her family in the future. Colleges are a important part of life and let’s let it stay that way for now, until a substitute comes in, but for then we should go work hard and get scholarships rather than Instagram likes.

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