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People Who Had an Influence on Eudora Welty’s Career

The people who were most important in Eudora Welty’s childhood significantly affected her future writing, from the intimidating qualities of Mrs. Calloway, to the forward thinking practices of her mother. All of this led to the Eudora Welty’s insatiability for books, and the development of...

Phoenix Jackson’s Persistent Journey in Eudora Welty’s Novel A Worn Path

Throughout human history, there has been perpetually a singular style of personalities with characteristics reminiscent of bravery, care, integrity, passion and confidence, additionally to any or all alternative traits that build the one who is holding them a hero. And since literature is often a...

Symbolism in Eudora Welty’s Short Stories "The Key" and "A Worn Path"

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The term symbolism is nothing but a literary element used in literature. It helps the readers to understand a literary work. Symbolism is everywhere. Symbolism exists whenever something is meant to represent other meaning. In Greek mythology phoenix is a bird with long span of...

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