Emmett Till: An Unfortunate Victim of Wrongful Conviction

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The National Registry of Exonerations, a joint protects among the University of California at Irvine, the University of Michigan law school and the Michigan state University college of law showed the 47 present of the people who were exonerated were black (Dvorak, Petula).

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In the case of Emmett Till this young man was murder for offending a white woman by weaseling at her. When it happened, she went to her husband and brother-in-law and told them that she was sexually assaulted, which she wasn’t. Just like in the case of Nikki Yovino she claimed she was raped by two scared Heart University football player and admitted months later to police that she lied to impress a prospective boyfriend (Harris, Jamia).

Emmett Till didn’t deserve what happen to him nobody does. What would have happened if they would have farther their investigation? They would have found that he didn’t commit the crime. Instead of just letting it go, all because of being a black young man in a white man world.

It turns out being wrongfully convicted happens quite a bit. The first person in the united states to look into wrongful conviction was Edwin Burchard a law professor and legal scholar.in his seminal book convicting the innocent (1932) with E Russell Lutz, Borchard identified sixty-five cases of wrongful convictions, analyzed common factors associated with these cases (such as mistaken eyewitness identification, mistaken or false expert testimony ,inadequate defense counsel and others), and called for the enactment of compensation laws in states across the nation. “According to the innocence project, of the more the 240 wrongfully convicted persons exonerated through DNA testing as of 2009, only 60 percent had received compensation by 2009: 33through compensation laws 28 percent through civil suits and 9 percent through private Bilstein yen can in the case with Emmett Till he was wrongfully convicted because there was lack of evidence or proof of any form of sexual assault had occurred Emmett Till was not exonerated. To exonerate is to reeve of a responsibility, obligation or hardship (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Emmett Till was a young balck man who was killed more like murder for something that he didn’t do, all because him whistling. They beat him so bad they couldn’t even ID him. A young black male beat for nothing all because where he was from its normal, what would of happen if he a was white they wouldn’t have beat they wouldn’t have done anything. If he was white, he would have been taking from his family like they did Emmett.

There are some states that pay people who are wrongfully convicted of crimes for example “Wisconsin currently offers the wrongly convicted $5000 for every year of wrongful incarceration and caps the total that can be paid out at 2500. The senate bill 322 would be initially capped at $1million an amount that would be adjusted every five years in accordance with inflation. Exonerees also could participate at their own expense in the state’s heath insurance project to up to a precede and would get access to transitional services such as job training and housing (Erika Strebel). Being wrongfully convicted can often ruin the alleged person life it is important to look further into cases for evidence so look further into cases for evidence so that justice is served for the victim and the person gets behind bars.

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