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The Growing Scale of Loss in Elizabeth Bishop's One Art

Loss is an unavoidable part of life. People lose objects, such as keys, phones, and wallets on a daily basis. These small losses do make them upset, but they live a normal life after a short period of time as it never happened. However, loss...

Travel in Elizabeth Bishop's Modernist Poetry

Modernist poets are considered the pioneers of instigating a shift away from the traditional approaches to poetry, and for that matter, literature in general. During this era of modernism, Elizabeth Bishop is a poet who brings in very distinctive additions to the prevailing approaches. Bishop’s...

Elizabeth Bishop: Art and Identity in Her Poetry

The study of past artists, from poets and authors to painters and musicians, makes it possible to consider the entire course of their lives and place their work in some sort of context. The case of the poet Elizabeth Bishop is a good case to...

The Map: How Elizabeth Bishop Perceives Geography

In the 20th century, it is an era of prosperity of America, change with each passing day. With the development of new technologies makes public convenient and colorful, however, it causes numerous chaos around the world simultaneously. All those fresh things start to be mainstream...

“One Art” By Elizabeth Bishop: An Interpretation

Although many of us are able to speak frankly about death, we still have a lot to learn about dealing wisely with its aftermath: grief, the natural reaction to loss of a loved one. Relatively few of us know what to say or do that...

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