Edgar Allan Poe: Life of The Most Famous Horror Author

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Edgar Allan Poe born in Boston in 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was the second son of David Poe, who died before Edgar was three years old. Next years his mother died. He was taken by a wealthy Virginia merchant named John Allan - who gave him the name of Alan - who spent it until he entered university.
In 1820, he returned to Richmond to attend the University of Virginia and studied Latin and poetry. But his days of study ended after he engaged in drinking and gambling. As John Allan and Edgar clashed repeatedly over debts, including those spent in gambling, John calibrated him because he was the son of actors and at that time acting was notorious. Edgar decided to abandon him. He was the first known American writer who try to earn a money by writing alone which leading to a financially and professionally difficult life.

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In 1836, he married his cousin, Virginia Clement, which was 13 years old and began his job as a magazine writer and editor. At the age of twenty-two, he won several awards. She became ill and died after five years of her marriage. His loss of Virginia, to which he wrote the most beautiful poems, drowned him again in alcoholism causing him severe mental pain, and becoming mentally unstable. He wrote for her a most famous poem, Annabel Lee. He did not leave the house where he and his wife lived, a small cottage in Fordham, Bronx in New York City. After two years later he died, in 1849. Who died owed, lounging, ostracized and unknown on the sidewalk.

Edgar Allan Poe is known for his ingenious style of writing, influenced by German romance, and dominated by Gothic character. Many of his works are considered part of black romance. Some people believed that his private life, characterized by poverty, and even his noble behaviour, had the greatest effect in creating this ingenious mix of his writings. The writings of Edgar Allen Poe are very difficult and very aesthetic. No one has yet been able to reveal all the gas and did not explain it except what he himself said in his last lecture in Richmond, where Po talked about the purpose of his poem or the purpose of his poetry in general, which is the transcendence of the soul. The death appeared strongly in his stories. We notice also the sadness and depression in his stories, perhaps because the impact of the death of his wife, which he loves her so much.

One of his short stories is black cat. This short story combined fear and guilt with brutality and violence, killing the narrator's wife at the end. which he expressed how the normal person can become a brutal person and criminal because of alcohol. He expressed in this story how the man who love his pet and wife totally changed to someone else to a violent and aggressive person. From someone whose responsibility was to protect his family to someone who kills his family by his hand and in a brutal manner. It also leaves the reader to wonder about the deviation that lies in all of us, as the narrator points out. Perhaps it is very frightening to ask if the narrator claims that this imbalance lies in us. Are we also able to commit horrible acts of violence against those we love?

I strongly believe that Edgar Allen Poe was the most famous writers who wrote horror stories and that he did not assign evil to evil spirits but assigned evil to man himself. I think the writer should be as crazy as the characters of his stories; so, he can focus on how he can create these characters, and how they evolve through events. How could he write about something he had never experienced?

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