Driving and Phones; The Harm of Distraction on the Road

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Do you think it’s okay to drive while talking on the phone? I don’t think it’s okay to talk on the phone while driving because you can look at you phone in something bad can happen when you not paying attention to the road. You can really hurt someone in you can hurt yourself to so it not really good to be on the phone talking because you can lose force on the road. So if someone calling you dont answer it. You can really put other drivers in danger when you on your phone anything can happen in that moment you look down in now you in a car crush because you couldn’t stop in time all because you was on your phone. That’s how most of people be pasting away because they want to text in drive in talk in drive in you can’t do that you putting people life in danger in yours because you didn’t want to wait to text that person sback. You should pull over in do what you got to do before you get back on the road iso you don’t have to worry about it in you can drive safe to where you going.

So if it’s a important you should stop your car in deal with the problem in you can get back on the road. Remember that you have to drive for you in other because if you pay attention you wouldn’t get in a car crush. So you can wait to get on the phone. So think about other people life in yours because a lot can happen if you be on your phone in you don’t want that on your back if you got in a car crush in the other driver past away in the reason is because you was on the phone you going to be going through it hard because you going to be saying that it’s you fault in you shouldn’t been on your phone in why would you be on your phone in you going to be putting yourself down in that not good to do when you going through something like that. Nine people die every single day because of a distracted driver.

While distracted driving encompasses any action that takes a driver’s eyes off the road, cell phones especially smartphones have contributed to the rise of distractions and to texting driving deaths. Just so you can be on you phone you are put people in danger in it very fast to hit someone or something if you look down because when you look up your reaction is not going to be fast enough to stop. You have to think about by you being on your phone in you hit someone because you have to think i’m taking someone child away in there parent is going to be hurt. That’s why police pull people over because you on your phone you can get a ticket or go to jail because that a crime a big one because you can take someone life for being on your phone. In probably do a little time in jail for that because they would say that you put people life in danger in you could’ve hurt someone or killed someone in they may give you 3 month in jail because of that. So that’s while the police be so serious about if you be on your phone while driving. That’s why it’s really bad to get on the phone while driving because you can be the one n a bad car crush. So if you think about getting on you phone don’t do it because that can be the day something really bad can happen because you got on the phone to look at something that you could wait to see in all you had to do is wait to get to your place you going to.

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