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Literary Realism in Henry James' Novel "Daisy Miller"

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Realism is the representation of a person, thing, or situation that is true to life and as explained by Norris, “..Is the kind of fiction that confines itself to the type of normal life” (Norris 811). As Frank Norris describes, it is used as a...

The Equation of Illness as a Form of Immunity in Henry James' Daisy Miller

Henry James was, after all, a physical man. Throughout his childhood and young adulthood, James was deeply affected by the drama of competing illnesses enacted in his family: William suffered from neurasthenia and amusia; Wilkinson was frightfully wounded in the Civil War; Alice struggled with...

The Character Analysis of Daisy's Life in Daisy Miller by Henry James

There are quite a few characters in this story, but for now lets mainly focus on Daisy Miller the main character. Daisy was an American girl, rich and beautiful. She came from uptown New York, but she started traveled Europe with her family. Her mom,...

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