Controversial Organization Known as Wikileaks

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Today we will be discussing a controversial organization known as WikiLeaks. I'm going to be analyzing and looking at the different aspects of WikiLeaks as in legality of it as well as the moral aspect of what Wikileaks brings to the public. As well I will be touching on the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, I will also be talking about the Whistleblowers who contribute to WikiLeaks and the danger that is brought to them because of it. And lastly, I will touch upon how the world's governments view WikiLeaks i then we'll be discussing the negative aspects about WikiLeaks and why so many people are against their activities.

First let's talk about the legality of WikiLeaks is what Wikileaks is doing legal and the answer is yes now let's discuss why it's legal and why politicians in America are making it seem what wikileak is doing to be illegal. Firstly, if a journalist from a different country bring to light war crimes that another country has committed this isn't illegal. As well they're not being a member of that specific country that committed the war crimes then they are not a traitor in any sense of the word to that country because they have no obligation to that country. 

Now the US is trying to bring up on criminal investigations against wikileak from the 1917 Espionage Act, but this will most likely fail because this act was written in case of active War and since we are not in active War the Supreme Court will probably not uphold it. As well as the individuals are not the individuals who took files illegally from the government. so in this context Wikileaks is no more illegal than the New York Times (Mark Biernat 2019).

I believe Wikileaks is a morally good organization because it's purposely bringing to light information that has been on the same note purposely hidden from the public. because it helps show the corruption a government's that are trying to fool their people in a sense to be able to continue to have tremendous power over their people. And it helps bring the people to a decision on how to move forward the help each other as a country to either vote out that person or two protest for a better way of life because of this information or in general just overthrow a whole government. Because without individuals who are willing to risk it all life freedom comfort people who are blinded by the government sweet-talks will always be controls for the fact that they themselves trust in their government too much and when never imagined them to do the people any harm.

Now who is Julian Assange he was born in Australia in 1971 and in 2006 he decided to start working on WikiLeaks and the purpose of the website as most of us know was to collect and share documents and files that were of secretive or confidential nature on a worldwide scale. He was given Safe Haven in Ecuador with political Asylum which he stayed for almost 7 years. Julian has been hacking since he was a teenager his first charge was hacking a telecommunication company. And he was not happy about other students who got jobs for the military working on different computer projects. But when the website first launched in 2006 it was swiftly pushed out of Sweden for the fact that Sweden had a very tight laws that protected people's an amenity ( 06/17/2019).

As well within that same year Wikileaks dropped a US document that contained information about Guantanamo Bay as well as the website bringing to light different emails from Sarah Palin. Now in 2016 WikiLeaks hit the news again with information about the presidential race which at the time the two main candidates Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump on the Republican side Wikileaks help bring forward in the early month of July about 1,200 emails that came from what at the time and still a very controversial issue a private server that Hillary had who was Secretary of State during the Obama Administration. 

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Soon after emails came forth that showed the DNC was actively trying to her Hillary's counter opponent on the Democratic side which was then Bernie Sanders. Now these are just a few of the examples of what Wikileaks has brought to light for the people of America and for the people of the world. And how as I said gave the people information to choose and have them decide for themselves. Which some people might call meddling, but I don't believe insight to what a person truly is about and to me this type of information is pertinent to whether or not I can truly trust this as individual as they say information controls the world ( 06/17/2019).

So key players who helped bring Wikileaks into mainstream media with some of the most intense information brought to light have been one Julian Assange, but we've talked about him enough so far let's continue to some of the other individuals who have helped. Daniel domscheit-berg he was the websites spokesman but has since departed for disagreement with Julian. Another key individual was David house and Bradley Manning and Mr. Manning was very important to WikiLeaks because he help bring forth classified information. Has since been charged and is being held at a military base in Quantico Virginia now this individual gave his freedom to release information that he felt pertinent that the American people needed to know which he should be covered in The Whistleblower Act (Quentin McDermott N.A).

The government has put extreme conditions on Mr. Manning for him to point the finger at Julian so that way the American government can prosecute him. While he's being held in a cell that is solitary confinement with no books or no access to the world. Now at the same time Daniel Ellsberg who is a whistle-blower is the only difference and reason why Ellsberg is not in prison is because he did not contribute to WikiLeaks which states how the government is truly trying to charge Julian Assange out of what I believe is fear to shut down the information of Truth (Quentin McDermott N.A).

The US government see’s Wikileaks as a very illegal thing making people very uneasy to go to WikiLeaks because technically the information on it still considered classified and anything that is classified and being read without proper authorization is breaking the law. Now the thing that's ironic is how the internet is supposed to be a free without censorship platform but at the same time the government sees it as protecting crucial information. And he's pop-ups of censorship for Wikileaks is mostly targeted to the Library of Congress. 

But at one point there was a controversy about how the state department had told two different universities to warn their students that looking at the website could infringe on their future if they chose to go down a diplomatic career. It was sad when the reasoning was that the government will question your likelihood of dealing with confidential information also saying that you might not be able to get certain government clearances because you are viewing these classified documents on a website. And this goes to say how the government is trying to control what we consider freedoms and threatening people's career because a turning point in the world with this knowledge could ruin your life in a way almost in a Orwellian Society (Howard LaFranchi 12/07/2010).

Julian has stated many times that Wikileaks has not harmed anybody individually, but a committee of National Security says that there has been a range of individuals that have been put in harm. The biggest individuals who are at the most risk are Afghani and Iraqi citizens who at the time was giving secretive information to help militaries and specifically the US Military. As well as because of these leagues many people had to go into hiding as well as move immediately. Now these individuals were mostly located in zones of War and their main job was helping the soldiers US soldiers and telling them about certain movements that terrorist groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda we're doing. 

They also revealed very important technical information on how the CIA Implement spying techniques. And this may end up intentionally helping terrorists make countermeasures on how to stop government from spying on them. Which then in turn makes agencies whose main priority was spying to go back Andre engineer ways to be able to spy efficiently without the enemy knowing that they're being spied upon (Greg Myre 04/12/2019).

And this might end up hindering individuals from creating relationships with American spies or Allies in fear that one day their name will be leaked and their family their friends their livelihood will be in danger. Which dance tops progression on maybe helping countries that have been suppressed by their government out of fear of a couple of weeks into it they get killed because they got leads. These are some men just the insides that wikileak has brought to the American people or to the world is it as well as how the world understands WikiLeaks. 

The website wikileaks was formed and hopes to change the way the world conducts their governments so hopefully to put fear in those who do evil or try to control their people but one of the only people who can make a difference is the people and the people need information like this to make informative decisions on how proceed in their life in ways that could change the world put the key is getting the people's attention and then closing it's hard to get people's intention when the majority of news outlets have an agenda to suppress information in favor of government and big companies like I stated before whoever controls the information controls the world and that's why we need things like WikiLeaks upon (Greg Myre 04/12/2019). 

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