College Sport: Good For Health And Well Learning

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College sport helps students in studies and life because students get better grades, become more mature, learn life skills, and while some people say sports cause injuries that limit a person's time and ability they improve the students overall health physically and mentally. So doing well in college is one of the benefits from playing sports.

One study showed a significant difference in academic achievement between female athletes and female non-athletes, as well as between male athletes and female athletes. Female athletes had the highest GPAs of all groups. Female athletes are getting better grades in college when they play sports. As these students are playing sports it is driving them to get better grades. It is a motivation factor for them to improve their grades so they can keep doing what they love.

Previous studies have found that higher physical activity levels are associated with greater academic achievement among students…. For high college girls, both physical activity and sports team participation were each independently associated with a higher GPA. For high college boys, only sports team participation was independently associated with a higher GPA.

The more you play sports the more it will be helpful towards your grades. Playing sports brings a factor that changes young people and pushes them to keep their grades up. Girl’s participation in sports really helps them the most as their academic success improves a lot and Studies become easier for them.

Results reveal that participation in formal sporting activities is associated with higher grades among students at this university. The analysis reinforces the idea that apart from their health benefits for practitioners, sporting activities lead to the attainment of the performance goals to which higher education institutions aspire.

Students who just try to play sports get better grades. The student doesn't even have to be super good, just has to try. Student starts to focus more as his health is improving by playing sports. Those students stay focused in class and during the games.

Sports help students become more mature and stay out of trouble. Many schools have implemented after-school sports programs, which are effective in that they reduce the number of hours that teens spend being bored. Sports are fun and engaging for students and provide access to recreation facilities well into the evening which, in a study in Phoenix, Arizona, has proved to significantly decrease crime rates. Organized after-school sports programs also make for better students. Many colleges require that students attend college and keep their grades at a minimum in order to participate in sports, thereby increasing attendance rates and grades.

Students who play sports have less time to do other things so they won't have time to mess around. Playing sports keeps young people out of the streets and away from gangs and other criminal activities. Students love sports so it forces them to come to college which makes them stop doing other things that would not help them.

Findings from the study indicated that participants became involved with the Sport Hartford Boys (SHB) program mainly due to its emphasis on sport-related activities. Moreover, findings related to the youths' continued involvement revealed their value for the SHB program as a safe place that kept them out of trouble and provided experiences that led to positive personal development.

Once these students went into the program with sports it helped them stay clear from trouble. It helped bring some positivity in their lives. Sports are things that students focus on and that's what these young people did and it helped them at the end of the day.

Many factors play a role in youth crime rates and youth sports can help with some of the key elements. Boredom and a lack of supervision – combined with other risk factors – can provide opportunities for delinquent behavior. Many extracurricular sports are scheduled after studies which can help preoccupy children’s time, while providing a positive, healthy outlet for young people and their energy levels. Being part of sports teams can mean more friends that help in reducing antisocial behavior and further boosting community and college participation. Mentorship and guidance from role models within the community can also help guide students to a positive lifestyle.

Sports help students learn skills that they could use for the rest of their lives. Expect former student-athletes to have more self-confidence, more self-respect, and better leadership skills than people who participated in other college extracurriculars. A study of people who graduated from high college more than five decades earlier showed that those expectations are valid.

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If you go to college and play a sport it will teach you things that you can use in the future. Once you learn things playing sports it can help you get a future job or make it easier for you. All the things you learn while playing will stay with you for a long time.

Sport builds self-esteem and encourages teamwork. We learn the importance of goal setting, hard work and the necessity of dealing with disappointment.

In life you have learned to fail in order to succeed. Sports teaches students when they lose they have to work harder in order to win. Students are reaching to score goals or points which will help them do the same in life when they will set goals and try to achieve them. Students are going to learn things that are useful and use it in the future.

As a teenage athlete, leadership is not something that is easily recognizable. Instead, players would stand out if they possessed a strong work ethic, had natural talent and skill, had the ability to motivate and encourage others, and got the job done.

Some students are natural at being a leader and they spread that ability to their teammates. Spreading positivity helps teams win. Later in life if you keep a positive attitude it will only help you. Having to work hard at getting better will make you do the same at that student's future career.

Sports can cause injuries that can limit a person's ability to do things and have effects on them later in life. An injury to a college athlete can be a significant disappointment for the teen, the family, and the coaches. The pressure to play can lead to decisions that may lead to additional injury with long-term effects. College sports injuries can cause problems that require surgery as an adult, and may lead to arthritis later in life.

Injuries, while hopefully infrequent, are often an unavoidable part of sport participation. While most injuries can be managed with little to no disruption in sport participation and other activities of daily living, some impose a substantial physical and mental burden. For some student-athletes, the psychological response to injury can trigger or unmask serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and substance use or abuse.

Sports help students become more physically and mentally fit and have healthy bodies. As America’s obesity numbers and health issues continue to mount, it is paramount that we find ways to reverse these unfortunate trends and once again promote healthy living. Participation in college athletics provides young people with opportunities to develop physically, socially, and intellectually, as well as plants the seeds for regular exercise, proper nutrition, and overall healthy behaviors for their adult life.

Sports in college give students an opportunity to get exercise and get in shape. Some students go home and never go out because of technology. Once a student starts to play sports he or she makes new friends and gives themselves confidence. It improves them mentally and they become more happy. Injuries are just part of the game and you have to overcome them to become great. Overcoming the injury can give a student a boost mentally that they can overcome anything.

The study found those young people who played on three or more sports teams in a year, were 27% less likely to be overweight, and 39% less likely to be obese than those teens who did not play team sports. They also found biking or walking to college had less of an effect on a student's weight - although it did reduce their likelihood of being obese.

Playing sports is the best way to reduce your weight. Your body will feel good and later in life you will have less injuries. All these fast food restaurants keep students obese and the only way to get fit is to play sports. Being non fit also has a mental impact on students so if they play sports at least they are trying to become fit which will give them confidence.

Researchers believe playing high college sports, which usually involve regular practices and competitions, reduces a child's chances of having a weight problem because of the strenuous and consistent workouts.

Having to constantly practice gives you a better chance to stay fit. Once you keep working out it will become a habit and you will stay fit for most of your life. Sports allow non fit students to become fit if they work hard during practices. This will help in slowing down how much weight you gain when the season is over.

So, we can see that playing sports does improve a students grades but it also makes them more mature and keeps them out of trouble. Sports help students gain confidence physically and mentallly about their bodies.  They become more mature and get in trouble less while playing sports but also learn life skills that they will use in the future. Playing sports makes students more mature and keeps them out of trouble but they can also cause injuries. While sports can cause injuries they can help young people gain confidence physically and mentallly about their bodies.

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