College Education Is A Waste Of Time And Money

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College, the place where people can reinvent themselves, start a new chapter in life or get utterly destroyed by the taxing stress that college life has presented them. People go into college expecting right away to be put into courses that follow their major and yes they are put into some, but they are more or less pre-requisite classes. For people in the medical field they specifically follow a path with a bit more science classes. While those majoring in communications will have more hands on communications classes and maybe some extra writing classes. We go to college expecting to be doing things for our majors, but we are really spending time with some classes that don’t even matter. College is a waste of money in my opinion, or not really a waste of money but there’s expenses that students shouldn’t have to worry about things that should be free students are still getting charged. The worth of a college education is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the country.

Over the years, the American education system seems to emphasize the importance of a college degree. A degree is valued because of the financial return it provides which in turn allows graduates to take care of their families, but they also learn effective skills which can virtually only be learned through college. College is intended to mold tomorrow’s minds today. No one graduates college without picking up some type of skill or craft. In Braus’s Blog he states that, “Zakaria claims that a liberal education is not preparation for one job, it is a preparation for any job, and for life itself.” Zakaria doesn’t straightforwardly address the problem but instead comes up with a way to try and solve it.The perception is that your supposed to learn the skills needed and all of the prerequisite things from college so that you’re ready for when it’s time to find a job.If that’s the case why must we go to classes on welcoming someone into college, or a writing course that’s been taken before instead of classes that prepare you for what your major is really gonna be about. People understand that yes you may have to take some classes in between simply just to be able to keep going, but I don’t want to sit around paying for classes that have no true benefit to me. I’ve learned less in college than I ever have following the years to get here. Most people talk about learning time management and learn how to save and simple soft skills that you should already know, but i’m trying to learn how to check a patient’s blood sugar not learn about photosynthesis mind you something that’s been taught to me my whole life. Yes it’s understood that we are learning it on a greater scale and what actually goes on but understanding a plant cell isn’t gonna help me or any of my fellow classmates.

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It is often said that high school prepares a student for college. Braus states “An education worthy of a free person today requires young people to have the access to explore, create, and dive deep into topics, and give up as quickly as they started”. Certainly, most people would agree with this statement. But, the fact to consider is, that high school doesn’t prepare a student for the major difference in the challenge. One difference in the area of challenge is the work. Generally, an assignment in high school does not require much depth. When it comes to homework in high school, students are not assigned homework often. In college, there is a precise difference in expectations, and this is a predominant challenge. In high school, students are cradled with the aid of the teachers and administration. If a student is to fail an assignment, the college students have as many probabilities possible to pass. In addition, if a pupil fails an exam, this will no longer imply that the pupil fails the course. Therefore, this causes important troubles going to college. In college, most publications require that the student passes the examination with a sure grade determined by the school. In addition, for most guides in college, it is anticipated that the scholar receives a fifty five or sixty percent in the course, depending on the course. Furthermore, in college, students are predicted to research quicker. What is supposed by using this is, that in high school, students are taught at a slower rate. Therefore, it is exact that in high school, having less expectation reflects in college, by means of inflicting greater of a challenge for the student to adjust. Finally, attaining good grades in college is more difficult than in high school. In excessive school, grades are easier to achieve and there are larger opportunities for marks. Usually, a scholar is graded on many specific areas, including; attendance, participation, effort, and organization. Also, students are graded on evaluations and assignments. These are the areas which are graded, and these account for a large portion of the final grade.

The discernment is that through an advanced degree one can get familiar with the required understanding and specialized skill in regards to issues so the students are prepared for the job hunt. College education is constantly in question to other students my age, and those planning on going into college. College isn’t something based on preference or liking but truly on how much money you’re willing to pay to have the top tier things. All the while more of your money is going to things like printing or simply asking for a key to get your door unlocked. College is simply a waste because we aren’t taught the things that are important to our majors and have to fork money that some don’t have.

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