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How Christina Rossetti Addresses Sexual Issues In Her Poetry

In the late twentieth century, after the rise of feminist and gender studies, there was a great interest in the literary works of women from the previous centuries, which was somewhat forgotten before. This increased intrest saved poets such as Christina Rossetti from neglect and...

Analysis of the Imagery in Christina Rossetti's Poem "Song"

The poem “Song” is a very meaningful poem that displays imagery in a quite unique way that the author Christina Rossetti portrayed. I found that the way that Rossetti shows and tells her poem it is sort of like a song that rhymes and tells...

Christina Rossetti: Carrying the Important Messages for Women Amidst Opression

Poetry is an extensive and worldwide tool for human expression. Forms of poetry were even used in ancient civilization, which is a testament to its perpetuality. Christina Rossetti, an English poet who became acknowledged in the mid-18th century was excellent at conveying the depth and...

The Themes of Christina Rossetti's Discussed Poem Goblin Market

The goblin market by Christina Rossetti has sparked debates among many critics in discussing what the main themes she, as an author, wanted to address. Composed in 1862, Rossetti’s Goblin Market was the setting stone of women poets in a time where women were not...

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