Chickens Artificially Hatching: Statistics and Main Hatchers

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51.4 Billion Chickens are artificially hatched, fattened up, and slaughtered each year. Processed, Unprocessed, Fried, Baked, Boiled, Stir fry, Grilled, and air fried chicken are all Chemically different. The chemical reactions show how it effects our health and the flavor of chicken. What happens to the chicken when we cook in different ways? What is the difference between processed and Unprocessed Chicken?

Did you know that processed chicken is a 20-piece nugget from McDonalds to Frozen chicken patties at Walmart? Some other examples are Ham, Cured Bacon, Sausages, Hotdogs, and canned meat. In numerous studies, people said processed meat is unhealthy for you. What people found in the studies is that processed meat is linked to cancer and Heart diseases like Hypertension, COPD, and Bowel and Stomach Cancer. The reason they find links to processed meat and disease is because people who eat processed food usually do things that are not associated with a healthy lifestyle. 

It shows most likely who eat processed will get these diseases, but they have no actual proof if processed food causes diseases. In Processed meat, they put Nitrate (Sodium Nitrate) is added into Processed Meat for a couple reasons. Nitrate improve flavors by rancidification, and to prevent growth of bacteria, which increase flavor and less likely to get food poisoning. Nitrate is also found in Vegetables and said it might be beneficial for health. When they add Nitrate in processed meat, it can turn into Nitroso or Nitrosamines and it increases the chances of getting Bowel and Stomach Cancer.

Unprocessed meat is supposed to be much healthier but what most people do not know, they still add ingredients you would not use at home. Tyson All-natural Chicken Breast, to keep the chicken breast plump they add up to 15% of Chicken Broth, Sea salt, and “Natural Flavorings” which is not likely natural. To really know if you have unprocessed meat is the way you treat the animals while their alive. You would have to know how much space they have, if they live inside or outside, if they can move freely, what are they fed, how they are slaughtered and what happens after they slaughter the meat. Most chickens, they live in dark, crowded, and bad quality conditions. 

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Chickens that are raised on Factory farms will most likely have cuts and it is a big gateway for bacteria and they give chickens low doses of antibiotics through their food just to keep them alive. These conditions negative involvement in our food safety. Unprocessed food just deals with how you treat your animals when their alive. The benefits of unprocessed meat because its low in sugar, has nutrients that supports the heart, High in fiber, help blood sugar, and good for your skin.

Everybody loves fried chicken, the crispy skin, and the juicy meat. People do not think the Chemistry behind fried Chicken. When you first put the food in the oil, the food surface dehydrates, and a crispy crust begins to form. Then, water molecules leave gaps that let oil molecules enter the chicken which is called the oil uptake. When food in the deep fryer, the outside layer of molecules is heated up because of Convection, from currents of hot oil surrounding it. The heat causes the lipids in the oil to break down and produce compounds, which are chemicals that easily can become gases. In most fried foods, it has Heterocyclic Amines which are a class of compounds that form under high temperatures. 

It can cause cancer when given to animals by big amounts and may increase the risk of colon, breast, and Prostate Cancer. Three things happen when you fry chicken, Hydrolysis, oxidation, and polymerization. Hydrolysis reaction is where a compound is split into fragments by water. The water released from chicken reacts with triglecyride in frying oils, which splits into free fatty acids and other compound. The oxidation of certain fatty acids that can produce volatile compounds. Volatile compounds are smelly and can easily get airborne to give the chicken have a fishy smell. When you cook chicken, maillard reaction makes the chicken turns the meat brown. What also changes the color is the seasoning and flour you use on the chicken and how high and long you cook the chicken.

At cookouts, you know we have the mom and the aunties baking while the dads and uncles are grilling the meats for us. Chemically, you know when you grill chicken, Carcinogens are formed. Carcinogens are agents that causes cancer. The coal, oil, and smoke causes Polyclinic aromatic hydrocarbons found in grilled foods. They are found in any fuel that is burned. The Mallard reaction or Browning Reaction which has reaction between sugar and proteins amines. Its favored at high temps and low Moisture. Also, the different wood or coals affect the taste of the food by the smoke coming from the coal and wood.

People made air fryers to try to be healthier to cook deep fried foods. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food to do the same thing as frying foods. Air fryers you do not have to use high fat and calories oils to cook the chicken like deep frying. It reduces fat content up 75%. It reduces the toxic acrylamide formation. It can cause certain cancers like ovarian, pancreatic, breast cancer. In fact, one study found that air-frying reduced acrylamide by 90% compared to traditional deep-frying. Aldehydes, heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are all other potentially dangerous chemicals that are formed with high-heat cooking and may be associated with a higher risk of cancer. It cooks chicken or any food because only thing that air fryers have to do is heat up air. To cook chicken in an air fryer, it takes at least 20 minutes, on the other hand, it takes a deep fryer 25 to 30 minutes.

The top 3 healthiest way to cook chicken is poaching, baking, and grilling. Poaching chicken is one of the healthiest ways to cook because your only using water is the only ingredient that it is being boiled in. Poaching allows proteins to be broken down while keeping the moisture of the chicken. Poaching does not have the maillard reaction because it cooks the chicken at a very low temperature. The second healthiest way to eat chicken is baked chicken. Baked chicken is rich in protein and B-12 vitamin. Vitamin B-12 only in animal-based foods, a compound in your blood that helps oxygenate your tissues. By eating eat, it keeps your energy levels up throughout the day. It also boosts your iron intake. Iron helps with blood circulation which helps the heme protein which carry oxygen throughout your blood stream. The last healthiest way is grilling chicken. 

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