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Blade Runner as one of Cinematic Masterpieces

‘Blade Runner’ film by Ridley Scott is an adaptation of the book ‘Do Andriod’s Dream of Electric Sheep’ by Philip K. Dick. The story follows the main protagonist Rick Deckard, a retired police officer who retired NEXUS 6 replicants, living in a dystopian LA, 2019....

Blade Runner Saga: What is Human?

Several of Philip K. Dick’s works have been adapted for film and television to varying degrees of popularity, but the one that receives the most acclaim is Blade Runner (1982), which is based on his Nebula Award-nominated novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" The...

Commerce And Culture In Blade Runner By Ridley Scott

A tech-noir science fiction film is defined by Google as a dark-movie expressing a specific type of cinematography while incorporating the elements that define science fiction such as advance technology and time. Ridley Scott’s timeless film, Blade Runner, is considered the pioneer for these types...

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