Bill Clinton and the Largest Free Trade Organization

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Bill Clinton, the forty second president of the united states and perhaps the most infamous. Clinton has had his fair share of trials and tribulations, enough for most to quit trying to gain positive political popularity . Clinton has also had his share of wins in his life. Bill, a privileged white boy in arkansas was raised very privileged, from going to a more prestigious ( and racially segregated) school, to being called a prodigy and destined for greatness, whilst also being dashingly handsome. 

Clinton went to georgetown university in washington d.c to major in in international affairs after high school, paying for it through scholarships and part time jobs. Bill Clinton was somewhat destined to be president from a young age by his mother telling him he was gonna be the president of the United States some day therefore triggering a political mindset in bill from a young age. Bill Clinton, 1 of the only 2 presidential impeachments in United States history grew up with a strong foundation luring him to be a politician, then in his 2 year term as president he worked on fiscal discipline and multiple trade agreements whilst also making the national debt grow, ending clinton's presidency was the notorious lewinsky scandal.

Bill clinton born august 19th 1946 in Hope, Arkansas to mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe. His Mother married roger clinton when bill was a teen. Roger was a an abusive alcoholic. Bill went to Hot springs high school a very high end, segregated high school where he became interested in politics.When Bill graduated from high school he decided to go to georgetown university in Washington d.c. to study international affairs. He got into student government winning president for his freshman and sophomore class then losing in a stunning defeat his junior year for student council government. 

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Clinton Avoided being drafted in the vietnam war by going to study for 2 years at Oxford in England. In 1978 Bill clinton ran for arkansas governor and won, making him one of the youngest to be governor. Being so young and inexperienced he was a terrible governor and had many missteps like the way he handled the rioting of the cuban refugees and when he raised auto license taxes to pay for new roads. As governor he did do a few things right like his education reforms that led to a noticeable decrease in dropout rates. The state of arkansas did not like this and chose to not re elect him next term. Clinton became the youngest former governor in United States history. Bill clinton ran for president in 1992 and won beating George H.W. Bush.

Clinton had many good policies but also a few that were questionable.The Clinton-gore deficit reduction deficit plan establishes fiscal discipline by cutting the deficit in half. This plan was the largest reduction plan in history whilst also making important investments in health care, our education system , and science and technology studies. The fiscal plan created by Bill clinton and gore has turned one of america's biggest economic deficits into one of our history's biggest surplus. NAFTA, otherwise known as the North American Free Trade Agreement was ratified under clinton and office creating the largest free trade organization in the world. Along with that creating four hundred thousand new american jobs since then. Another thing that was a first for america was Clinton's plan to reduce teen smoking. He made it a requirement to show ID when buying cigarettes. In Clinton's term he raised the minimum wage by $.90.

Bill clinton was was charged with two articles of impeachment, lying under oath to a federal jury and obstructing justice. Bill Clinton's affair with monica lewinsky began november of nineteen ninety five. Monica told one of her co-workers at the pentagon of her dozen sexual encounters with Mr. President Bill Clinton. In january sixteenth MOnica lewinsky was taken into custody by the FBI where she was given the option of full immunity to all charges if she told them what had happened with the president of the united states. A few days late Bill clinton, the alleged adulterer said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”. 

An infamous line by clinton because it was a huge lie. In august after many trials and accusations Mr. President finally admitted to having an extramarital affair with his assistant monica lewinsky. Clinton televised himself admitting to the public that he had sexual relations with her. He never used the word “regret” except for when apologizing the public and his family about misleading them on the case. In september Kenneth Starr released 18 boxes of supporting documents to the House Of Representatives.The Starr Report outlined a case for impeaching Clinton on 11 grounds, including perjury, obstruction of justice, witness-tampering, and abuse of power, and also provided explicit details of the sexual relationship between the president and Ms. Lewinsky. On december 19 Nineteen ninety eight Bill clinton, the dashingly handsome president from Hope arkansas was impeached, making him only the second president to be impeached from office, the first being andrew johnson in 1868 some one hundred twenty years later.

President johnson was destined to be president from a young age. From participating in student government all throughout high school and college at georgetown university. From being corrupt from a young age by evading the draft by enrolling in extra courses at oxford university in England. The forty second president of the united states did do some good things for america by reducing national debt and trying to keep americas teenagers away from tobacco products that would eventually harm their well being. Ending Clinton's reign as president he was struck with a scandalous accusation that was taken to a grand jury where they did not aquit him of any 

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