Arguments for Ensuring the Freedom of Speech in US

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Did you know that the happiest country on earth in 2017 was Norway? Did you also know that according to article 100 of The Constitution of Norway, Norwegians are given the right to having freedom in their speech? Denmark, also named to be the happiest country on Earth for years before 2017, also establishes the right to freedom of speech for their citizens. Greetings everyone, I am Zahraa Ali, here to speak to you all as a delegate for the local council. I would like to begin by welcoming the prominent community and business leaders, government politicians, and media members who have made the decision to attend this conference today. Today, I stand here before you all to convince you all that in order to better the social cohesion in Australia, we as the Australian population, need to be given the right of having freedom in our speech. Establishing the right to freedom in our speech gives people the chance to speak out against injustice, the chance to maintain their own identity as well as giving Australia the chance to take leadership in the global community in changing their laws regarding freedom of speech.

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Argument 1

Freedom of speech enables us, the citizens of Australia, to speak out against unjustifiable actions that take place in society and fight for justice. An example of this, which some of you may know, is the Sam Sheppard case which took place back in 1954. Dr Sam Sheppard was initially sentenced to life in prison over the murder of his wife, due to an unclear story, and an imprint of a murder weapon that looked to be like a medical device, however, due to a large amount of media interest in the case and contrasting opinions on whether Sheppard was guilty, Sheppard was re-trialled in 1966, 12 years later, and was discovered to be innocent. As the media was given the freedom to speak freely about this issue, a guilty man was found to be innocent, and was saved from an unjust imprisonment.

Argument 2

Through freedom of speech, people are given the chance to maintain their own identity, rather than putting on a façade that pleases the people around them, but also help with the character improvement of other individuals. When asking ‘Should we have freedom of speech?’, one can also ask, ‘Are the feelings of the people around you more important than being able to express your own inner thoughts?’ Many people will disagree with this, as this would only hinder them from voicing their view points on events that are taking place in society. They are given the ability to say whatever they believe without having to fear the judgement of other or being jailed by the government. Freedom in speech allows people to correct their misunderstandings and illusions they have towards a particular issue confidently, without fearing that their statements will be judged. Which in turn could inform and correct someone’s understandings about an issue.

Argument 3

Changing the laws on freedom of speech in Australia can be a gateway for other countries who currently deprive the freedom of their citizens to finally change their laws, which demonstrates Australia showing leadership in the global community. There are many countries out there in which citizens can be restrained by the government for spreading negative news about the activities that occurred in that country. Countries such as Cuba, Libya, Syria, and North Korea. PAUSE April 2004. PAUSE Ryongchon, North Korea. PAUSE A train exploded, a catastrophic event that killed over 150 citizens, and injuring thousands. However, the Korean Central News Agency, the state news agency in North Korea, were forced to report citizens displaying 'spirit of guarding the leader with their very lives' by rushing into burning buildings to save portraits of Kim 'before searching for their family members or saving their household goods.' Although we in Australia do not explicitly have the right to freedom in our speech, we do have some freedom in the sense that we cannot be restrained by the government. The high court also acknowledges that we have an implied right to freedom of political communication, which is necessary part of the system of representive and responsible government. Therefore, we are able to talk both negatively and positively about the government and its actions without being detained. However, if we were to formally legalise freedom of speech, we could be a guide for other countries to let go of their tight hold on the freedom that their citizens deserve. Freedom of speech opens doors to bullying. Many believe that through the legalisation of freedom of speech minorities will be harassed and brought down, however through freedom of speech, these minorities are given the opportunity to be heard, rather than being shut down.

In conclusion, freedom of speech should be officially legalised in Australia in order to provide us, the citizens of Australian, with the opportunity to speak out against injustice in society and giving them a sense of identity, as well as leading Australia to being a guiding factor in changing freedom of speech las around the world.

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