Are The Lyrics Of Popular Music Harmful To Children's Development?

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Many people rely on music every day, to either boost their mood, relax or to simply just listen to music. For many teens, music is a big part of our lives it helps us cope with difficult situations, entertainment and as a way to relieve tension. Throughout the years’ music lyrics have changed dramatically. Lyrics back then were innocent and safe for children to listen to but over time lyrics have become more explicit. For most parents and other adults this could be concerning, but does the lyrics itself actually harm children? Critics say that listening to songs that talk about drugs, sex, and violence will have an impact on a child’s development. I disagree according to University Wire many teenagers can relate to these lyrics. An artist’s experience can totally be relatable to teens who go through the same things they did and by that they feel a connection with the artist and learn how to cope. I think sometimes people don’t really try to dig deeper into what the lyrics really mean and assume it’s just about these inappropriate things. But really the musicians are just talking about the experiences they’ve had growing up whether it’s good or bad.

For example, many artists talk about a parent not being around, someone close to them dying, getting bullied whatever it may be a lot of kids go through that. Music is also a big part of the black community. Many rappers are making a positive impact by shedding a light on the problems we have in this world and what most black people go through every day. Rapper J. Cole addresses crimes in the community in his album called “4 your eyez only” he invites his listeners to understand the struggles people go through in America. In his song called “Change”, he raps in a 22-year-old boy’s perspective named James. “Change” mentions black crimes in the community and begs for a “call of action” to change the inner cities. I think by this, kids who are listening will understand what other people go through. Some kids might even be inspired to try to fix and better themselves. Not only are these lyrics relatable for most kids or encouraging. It could also improve their mood.

After years of studies to show the harmful effects of young people listening to songs with violent slurs a psychologist has concluded that music with a message is most beneficial to the listener. Dr. Greitemeyer from the University of Sussex tested groups of students in which one of those exposed to pro-social music. One example was the song Help! by the Beatles, later the students acted in a more empathetic way than the other students who were listening to songs with a meaningless lyrical message. This shows that listeners do pick up the lyrics in a more positive way than negative. Ultimately, these songs that different musicians are putting out is not harming the listener in any way. It is also making a more positive impact on children’s development by them being able to decode what the actual lyric is trying to say. By that, it requires thinking and making their own definition of what the lyrical message has to say. Being able to relate to the lyrics make the listeners feel a connection with the artist. Which will help them cope with situations they’re going through. And on top of that, improving the listener’s mood when listening to songs with a deeper meaning. This shows that different songs have a more positive impact than the song being harmful to kids.

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