Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Wrangler Tv Commercial

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Since it was founded in 1904, Wrangler has been set on delivering the highest quality clothing they can produce. 1947 is the year Wrangler produced their first pair of authentic western jeans and since then, Wrangler jeans have become a staple in the clothing community. In 2013, Wrangler produced a thirty second commercial titled Wrangler TV Commercial. This commercial featured multiple famous athletes to push the idea that their jeans were the best. They wanted their audience to see that Wrangler jeans were the most comfortable pair of jeans you can buy. They wanted to prove that their jeans were the best. And above all else, they wanted to show that Wrangler will always be number one when it comes to making high quality jeans. This commercial did an excellent job at conveying their message and proving that Wrangler jeans are number one.

The commercial starts off with NFL quarterback Brett Favre picking up a chainsaw saying, “No matter how long your day”. It then cuts to professional NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. saying, “or how hard you work”. After this it cuts to Earnhardt driving what seems to be some sort of buggy or golf cart. Next, it shows NFL quarterback Drew Brees saying, “Wrangler comfort never lets you down”, who then proceeds to throw a football through a tire. Following the three athletes, there is a picture of two different pairs of jeans. One is a Wrangler pair of jeans, the other is other is not. While this is happening, narrator is explaining the differences between the two and also explaining why the Wrangler pair is better. After this, it shows a few clips of the stars performing various outdoor activities. In every single one of these clips, the athlete is wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans, showing that you can do virtually anything in them. As the commercial is coming to an end, we hear the narrator say, “No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, nothing beats wrangler comfort”. The last thing we get to see is all three athletes coming together saying, “Real. Comfortable. Jeans. Guaranteed”.

Now to prove why this commercial was effective in proving why Wrangler produces the most comfortable, high quality jeans and why they will always be the best. For many people, jeans may seem extremely uncomfortable. Wrangler’s goal was to produce a pair of jeans that even those who dislike wearing jeans would feel comfortable in. To be able to make a pair of jeans that can be worn while doing almost any activity is quite impressive. As shown in the commercial, they were chopping wood, driving buggy’s, and even playing backyard football. If someone is capable of performing these activities while wearing a pair of jeans, especially playing football, they would have to be fairly comfortable.

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