Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain: Analysis Of Huck’s Character

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain was a huge success in the literature world. One of the main characters named Huck was a character that had a huge amount of growth throughout the novel.

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In the beginning of the novel, Huck’s character seems to be very wild, and care free and somewhat of a “bad boy”. In chapter 1, this is shown because when he asks the widow if he could smoke she would let him. Instead she said that smoking was “a mean practice”and she also tried to teach Huck about Moses in the bible. So as a reader, Huck’s character seems to be a slight rebel and just wants to live freely and do whatever he chooses. Huck’s father “Pap” was an abuse father and alcoholic. So, in order to get away Huck’s character decides to fake his own death which is a very smart move to get away. Considering as a character that is rebellious, faking his death was surprising to me. Meanwhile, he gets all of his essentials and puts them in a canoe to leave his father.

In chapter 8, Jim hears a discussion about being sold to another owner. Of course, this is not what he wants for his life so he fled before this could happen. When Huck decides to help Jim escape, this is when his character changes for the better. The two begin their journey down the river in hopes of escaping the realness of the world then. During this time slavery was at an all time high. And helping slaves escape was a huge problem. Before he decides to help Jim, escape Huck was in a way going with the flow of society. Growing up around people that own slaves and just in a world where slavery exist does have an effect on those who are not black. Seeing this type of property hostage seemed normal to Huck because it was normal to house the slaves. Huck’s life had been very abusive because of his father and while reading it seemed as if he just wanted to have fun and go on an adventure.

Huck’s character is also questioned because at first his intentions to help Jim were opposite of what he did. Originally, he intended on allowing Jim to get caught once they got down the river but that all changed. He was intentionally going to write a letter to Ms. Watson exposing that her slave had ran away but he decides not to. This shows some growth and loyalty that Huck has for Jim and their new built friendship. Once Huck and Jim were on the escape adventure, Huck realizes how great of a person Jim actually is. This says a lot about a person because though slavery was so heavy during this time, Jim was still respectful and caring towards Huck because he was willing to help him. This then shows the growth in Huck’s character tremendously. Because instead of going along with every other person did, he found that friendship and helping someone takes courage instead of going with what everyone else it is doing. So, the two began this journey together down the river. They came across many hurdles and throughout the whole adventure they protected and cared for one another. This was very important because robbers had once tried to kill Huck and Jim. They made sure both were safe and treaded lightly when they would make their way own the river at night but stayed hidden during the day so that they wouldn’t be seen. When Jim is taken by Phelps Plantation, Huck’s character will do anything to have his friend free. He gets help from Tom Sawyer to free Jim. Huck now has a whole different view on society because he sees how people shouldn’t be treated just because of another race. His relationship with Jim grew so much that they respected eachother and Jim ended up meaning more to Huck than expected.

Huck’s character significance if very important in this literally work. It is a clear concept of not confiding in what society deems to be right but instead having your own morals and thoughts on what it right and wrong. This literary work shows the growth in characterization and given the reader a sense of change. Because ultimately Huck’s demeanor did change, and he didn’t just look at Jim as “some nigger” but instead looked at him as a person that has feeling and is a human. Huck’s characterization was well written throughout this literary work. Readers got to see how he changed into a better man and relied on his own morals and thoughts rather than what society expected at that time.

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