Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Air-Conditioner

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No one wants to come in class with hot temperatures and environment which make you feel sticky and sweat all over your body like we’re steaming or in a sauna. In fact, the classroom environment affects student learning process up to 25 percent. So this is why air-conditioner is essential for our IFL which includes better air quality, better concentration and greater flexibility.

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The first one is air quality. For example, if we study in a temperature controlled classroom, it benefits us a lot. For instance, it helps the air quality in the classroom. By what it means here is that it reduces health problems. If the class is too hot, students will tend to get a headache and it ruins their mood for studying. The classrooms always have windows. It can absorb dirt or the dust will get in easily. Like for example, after a long break of school when you come back, you will see dust and dirt including bacteria all over the seats and tables or windows. Another thing is it benefits both student and teacher center. Having air-conditioner, the student and teacher help the class more enjoyable and participated.

The second is the concentration. According to the research, I found an expert says; “If you are exposed to too hot weather, you will lose concentration and focuses”. The brain doesn’t focus on learning. Instead it is trying to solve how to cool down the body from the temperature. How can student learn if they are focusing on something else? If they are exposed to better environment, they will obviously have higher concentration, work better on class projects and pass exams with good grades. The last one is greater flexibility. If the classroom is cool, the teacher and the student will enjoy more in class. Teachers are happy to move around to check up the students work whether they catch up on point or not. Same goes to the student, if they are exposed t col environment in classes, they will be more active and perform well and having fun learning activities involves moving around the class.

On the contrary, some people might disagree and claim that air-conditioning also provide bacteria. While it is true that it produces bacteria, but only if we don’t change the air-conditioner filters. If it becomes old or kept too long without cleaning, then of course it will produce bacteria which might create more health problems to students. But the classroom or the janitor will keep an eye to it providing us a lot of benefits.

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