Accountability - Responsibility, Culpability, Pending Billing Ethics and Governance

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‘Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result’ — Bob Proctor

Accountability is a very important universal value, is to consider and accept the impact and consequences of personal actions and decisions. The practice of accountability makes us a better person, it increases our morals and ethics. Accountability leads you to success; there are several directors, chief editors, and creators of big companies that affirm the importance of accountability in their success and how by taking responsibility you change your perspective. The practice of accountability in your daily life will make you as a human being to grow and form that part of yourself that you need to improve and makes you have better training as a human and make the best version of yourself you can be. Is there something you can do to foster greater accountability?

Accountability it is the commitment to yourself and what is important to you. Accountability gives you several benefits, for you health, more productivity in works, etc. Why does accountability leads you to success? Well every time you take responsibility for your actions you had to see what was the cause for you to get a consequence, it doesn’t necessary has to be a bad consequence it can be a good consequence too. When you analyze that cause of the consequences you can see the mistakes or the good decisions you made causing your perspective to change. Directors, chief editors and creators of companies affirm that accountability strengthens the culture; ‘Without accountability execution suffers; and a lack of accountability can have a snowball effect throughout the team. Accountability becomes embedded into corporate culture by making it everyone’s responsibility, establishing meaningful goals and team buy-in, building trust through support and encouragement, empowering everyone on the team and celebrating successes together,’ says John Wright, Director and vp Marketing at MCGB Properties Ltd. Breeds excellence; ‘Accountability is important since it results in a highly efficient and productive team. The key point is having each member take full responsibility on a given task or goal from A to Z, whicheliminates confusion and saves a lot of time and resources,’ says -John Brown, Chief Editor at, which strives to sell the best automotive parts and accessories. we can see that accountability is also very important in team works.In the book ‘The 12 week year: Get more done un 12 weeks than others do in 12 months’ by Brian P. Moran defines accountability as, ‘simply taking ownership of one’s actions and results.’ Once we accept that our actions have consequences, then we are empowered to create the results we desire.

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‘The fact of the matter is that successful people are accountable.’In the book the author gives us 4 things you can do to foster greater accountability: Resolve never to be the victim again. Never make excuses. Focus on the things you can control. Take ownership of your thinking, actions and results. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Take action to not let self-pity into your life. Learn to manage your thinking and your attitude. Be willing to take different actions. If you want different results, you have to do things differently. Taking action will change your outcome and your attitude. Associate with ‘Accountables.’ Who you associate with matters. Build relationships with people who are accountable. Accountability will make you grow and be the best version of yourself you can be.

Accountability will make you can stop blaming other for your decisions, mistakes and failures, yes there people that manipulate and make you to do a bad decision but after all you were de one choosing it, whatever this doesn’t mean that you just blame yourself because there is a difference between ‘blaming ourselves for things we couldn’t control and holding ourselves accountable for the wrong decisions we actively make’ very often You can blame a friend, a partner, etc. When they tell us to make crilicism a choice or that the decision you made isn’t the best one and that is constructive that sometimes is very good to listen to, we have to be able to see us in others peoples eyes and analyze how do you look, you will know if You need you change and that’s when ‘Accountability allows us to feel true pride, be self reliant, and provides a more positive outlook on life and our ability to be in control of our lives. Be more accountable. Use your failures or mishaps to learn rather than putting blame on others and punishing yourself.’In the book ‘The 85% Solution: How personal accountability Guarantees Success-No Nonsense, No excuses’ by Linda Galindo she outline 3 main points in her book;

  1. Personal responsibility is a ‘before the fact’ mind-set of personal ownership and commitment to a result (page 58) You can interpret this phrase in different ways, you can think that it is I thing such as think before you act, if you want to do something keep in my mind very clearly what are the results you want to achieve and be accountable for them.
  2. Self-empowerment is taking the actions- and the risks- that you need in order to ensure that you achieve the results you desire (page 147). Sometimes you may be scared to make a choice or a decision but you need to take risks and forget the excuses if it not what you expected you always can try again if you are accountable.
  3. Being accountable for your results requires an ‘after the fact’ mindset of being willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviors, and actions (page 225).

There are several benefits that accountability can bring to you, such as better time usage, increased job and relationship satisfaction, decreased stress and increase productivity, helps you keep focused in you work. Helps you keep focused in your work and life and know where you are up too, builds trust with people, helps you manage and keep track of where you are up to in different areas of your work and life. You make a mistake, own it. It will restore people’s confidence and increase your I wanted to finish with this quote by Michael Hyatt because I think it is an important part of accountability, Is our duty as responsible human beings to work hard each day and to be but also accept the consequences of our decisions. It is incredible how value can make us better people and leads us to success, and that we have many references from successful people that we can support and inspire us and make us practice in our daily day life this important value. Many books show us this incredible universal value, the books tell us how you can improve your accountability and become a better person, such as all the benefits this value has.

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