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The Prose of a Poet: Analysis of Derek Walcott’s Writing Style

When the Swedish Academy awarded poet and playwright Derek Walcott the Nobel Prize in 1992, they recognized his contribution to Caribbean literature as a brilliant response to the “complexity of his own situation”. Walcott’s life and work has always been reflective of this complexity wherein...

Brief History and Celebration Process of World Poetry Day

Poetry is a great platform to express one's thoughts and release one's emotions. It has helped us understand and appreciate the world around us. Poetry is often used as a language, connecting minds and hearts. Its ability to shed light on the world is what...

Kofi Awoonor's Poetry: a Voice of African Identity and Resistance

Kofi Awoonor, a Ghanaian poet, has cemented himself as a legend in contemporary Ghanaian and African poetry through his great and incredible contribution. He spoke drastically on various topics and issues on numerous platforms. He strongly believed in the idea 'Nobody should be ashamed of...

Analysis of Langston Hughes' World-Famous Literary Legacy

In Langston Hughes poems “Harlem” and “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, there is a certain sense of peace and positivity that stems from the bond African-Americans shared in this time period. In a time period where Hughes received a lot of criticism, especially from the...

Analysis of the Major Characteristics of Pablo Neruda's Poetry

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Throughout his poetic career, Pablo Neruda’s uses of natural places were an important element of his poetry. During the 20th century, Pablo Neruda is a major poet in Latin America specifically for incorporating political statements into his poems. Another important element used in his poems...

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