Themes Of Social Issues In Comedy Movie Zootopia

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Nowadays, there is a change in movies as they are starting to present more mature themes, especially to younger audiences. These movies are made more realistically by adding social circumstances from the human world into animated storylines. Characters in movies often face situations where they try to understand what is right and wrong, how to deal with others, and eventually, how to be hopeful and keep moving forward. Young people can then become informed of the world around them by watching, which helps to prepare them for life. The Disney movie Zootopia is a good example of a movie that is both entertaining and meaningful. Zootopia was released on March 4, 2016, by Bryon Howard and Rich Moore (Disney).

In the modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia, a bunny named Judy Hopps aims to follow her dream of becoming a police officer, while partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve a mystery (Disney). Both characters try to fix a system that values and undervalues different animals. The messages conveyed in Zootopia regarding bias and racism, fighting for justice, and determination are important because they relate to everyday life in society. Zootopia is an animated comedy movie where viewers go on an adventure full of action and heart (Disney). The purpose of Zootopia is to entertain audiences that include children and families of all ages while displaying a storyline that consists of handling social issues. According to the directors, the idea behind the movie was to confront the social understanding between people who have different points of view but set them aside to live together (Guerrasio, 2017, para. 9).

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Audiences can relate to the plot because Zootopia is a civilized world that is entirely populated by anthropomorphic animals. To provide for the environmental needs of all animals, Zootopia’s district features artificial climate zones so they can live together. Citizens of Zootopia are unique and full of life. In what appears to be a “perfect” society, both predators and prey live together, and citizens are told, “anyone can be anything”.Although the movie Zootopia was made for younger audiences, it conveys subliminal messages regarding social issues as the characters try to understand where predators and prey stand in society. In Zootopia, prey animals make up most of the population, but predators are viewed as being dominant. They often work in higher positions and have more power over citizens. Even as the police academy valedictorian, Judy faces workplace bias as she tries to work her way up by getting the bigger roles she deserves. Likewise, predators in the police academy including buffalos, tigers, and lions, keep her from the tasks she wishes to accomplish since she is seen as an unqualified, cute little bunny. Since Judy is the only bunny on the police force, members believe she is not in a position of authority to have power over other animals, and she gets assigned to parking duty. This makes her seem as if she is less capable than others who are allowed to meet their goals.

Another character, Nick, is perceived to be deceptive since he is a fox. After being bullied as a child by others who stereotyped him as a menace, Nick embraces the fact that he is an untrustworthy predator by scamming others. In the movie, he is treated unfairly by other animals who refuse to do business with foxes, including Judy’s parents. Nick was even denied service at an ice cream shop for his species’ reputation. This shows how some animals make assumptions about general populations in Zootopia. Judy herself was hesitant when she first came across Nick and struggled to decide if he was trustworthy. The struggles both characters face revealing issues in the real world. Judy is viewed as a small and innocent female who does not have what it takes to work in the police force that consists of big and tough males. On the other hand, Nick is viewed as a criminal who is problematic because people like him are “aggressive”, which shows how people can have misconceptions that can lead to racism. Zootopia prompts young viewers to get to know others to be more informed and avoid stereotyping.

The numerous messages in the movie Zootopia are conveyed through Judy’s strong character and the overall storyline. Throughout the movie, Judy was determined to work harder towards her goal of joining the police department, despite the odds against her. She believed in the importance of always trying and never giving up. Even when she was given the task of parking duty, Judy remained optimistic and adapted to the environment and those around her to get closer to reaching her goal. Through her hard work, Judy eventually joined the police department and became a more understanding and overall better person. Her positive mindset and actions prove Zootopia’s motto that “anyone can be anything”. Therefore, the movie Zootopia aims to persuade audiences to believe in themselves and the fact that they can accomplish anything they work hard towards and set their minds to.

My reactions to the movie Zootopia are shaped by my identity and experience. At the end of the movie, the characters turned out to be different than how they first appeared to be. Judy became a stronger and more confident person who proved others wrong, and Nick eventually let his guard down and was accepted by others who got to know him, and he even joined the police department with Judy. I personally like the messages in the movie Zootopia, and believe that it is nice, as well as important, for there to be meaning. Living in a very diverse country like the United States, I understood the importance of accepting others and working to do what is right. Zootopia emphasized the need for people to understand more about their society and surroundings. Social issues may not always be so obvious, so people should be proactive. It is better for people to work together for the common good and stand up for what is right. The movie Zootopia relates to my identity and experience because I also believe that by helping each other out and being supportive, we can reach our full potential.

After viewing the movie Zootopia, audiences can take away a new perspective on what it means to be a part of society. Zootopia challenges viewers to condemn bias and racism and encourages them to take a stand on justice and work hard to make a positive change in the world. Movies should convey important messages that relate to the real world, so audiences can connect with the concepts and learn from the themes.

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