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The Woman Warrior: Using the Willpower as Your Strength

A warrior is often viewed as someone that competes in physical battles, however, in the memoir, “The Woman Warrior”, that is not so. A character by the name of Kingston is portrayed as a warrior but the so-called warrior qualities of a physically competitive individual...

The Woman Warrior: Fiction or Non-Fiction Debate

Ever since “The Woman Warrior” was first published in 1976 there has been a debate about whether or not it should be classified as a fiction or nonfiction book. Maxine Hong Kingston experimented with genre in her book, the same way she struggled with understanding...

Drawing Inspirations from a Forbidden Existence in Maxine Hong Kingston The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior: Memoir of Girlhood Among Ghosts is a memoir written by Chinese-American author Maxine Hong Kingston that focuses on female characters from various backgrounds, tales, and traditions. The events of the book unfold in a non-chronological order, with stories taking place either in...

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