The Story of Love and Fame of Jessica Lange, the Star of King Kong

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Jessica Lange has a daughter who looks like her and followed in her footsteps. The best part is they are both famous and quite successful. Jessica Lange of “King Kong” fame has a daughter, Shura Baryshnikov, and they look similar to each other. Not only that, mother and daughter are both actresses, and are quite successful. Shruya afyer trying for many years to stay away from the world of entertainment, made her acting debut in 2016 in Oscar Wilde’s production of “Salome.” Starring in the production helped the actress break free from her fears and embrace another integral part of herself — her love for dancing. Her father is the famous ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Lange and the Russian met in the late ‘70s, and had a relationship that didn’t end in marriage. Shruya grew up with her famous mother, and while she was running from her dream, she taught dance at Brown University. The actress-dancer who is currently on vacation with her sisters in Italy, once said that the only thing that kept her away from dancing was the fact that she felt she might not measure up to her famous parents. Once she defeated the fear, the dancer unleased her talent, and at the Seattle International Dance Festival Winter Mini Fest, she debuted a new dance called “Band;” it involves choreography and improvisation.

While Shruya might gave been scared to embrace her talent, Lange’s story is different. In the ‘70s, an opportunity presented itself for her to star in “King Kong” and she took it without giving much thought to her modeling career. The Golden Globes winner once described her foray into acting as a whirlwind affair, but it paid off, and the ’76 movie earned the actress her first Academy Award. Since then, Lange has starred in major productions including the ’82 biography, “Frances,” and she won another Oscar for “Blue Sky.” In her acceptance speech for it, she thanked the late director, Tony Richardson, for helping her nail the role, calling him, “A man who loves to work with actors.”

In recent years, the former model who used to he married to Paco Grande in the ‘70s has appeared more in television productions. Her role in the “American Horror” story franchise earned her two Emmys, and she got nominated for this year’s Emmy for Best Drama Guest Actress. Lange is also a Tony Award winner, and she gives back to the world through her work with UNICEF. The actress and her daughter have made a name for themselves, and although Shruya is not concerned about having or being a legacy, she stepped into it, by following her parents footsteps.

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