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How does Humperdinck proves himself to be a capable hunter?

Summarize his journey and his observations along the way to prove his skills.

During this page range, Humperdinck arrives at Guilder and recreates the battles of the previous men, Fezzik, Inigo and Vizzini, from just tracks, scents, and other remnants demonstrating his incredible hunting skills. Therefore proving himself to be a very capable hunter. He continues to follow the tracks of the trio that was there before him which leads him to find out and understands that his princess bride has been led by her kidnapper onto the ravine floor, which leads dead into the Fire Swamp, a frightening place.

The four white horses (page 188) will matter later in the story

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Why are they significant at this point in the story?

The four white horses are not talked about extensively in this story. However, it is explained that these horses were the greatest pride of Prince Humperdinck. This is displayed especially in the quote, “none pleased the price as did these horses”. These horses are significant at this point in the story as they are important to Prince Humperdinck. He plans to ride one and have the other three charge ahead of him. Other than that, we don’t receive much of an explanation until later on in the story.

The lengthy italicized editorial remarks by Goldman: summarize the content and tone of these remarks.

How does the real Goldman make these remarks seem real?

During this pager range in “The Announcement”, William Goldman provides an extensive narration, stating his opinion on how the situation is very unfair. He explains that he wrote his own reunion scene but his editor would not allow him to include in the book, and he provides the readers with a pretend New York address and encourages readers to write in to request it. This along with many other very descriptive details, helps to persuade the readers into thinking that S. Morganstern’s story is a fantasy, but William Goldman’s story himself is true, making this section relatively confusing for readers. Goldman explains told that there were many tears along with an argument during the reunion, however does not provide a very in-depth explanation.

Meanwhile, Morgenstern offers his own lengthy side notes and editorializing.

Summarize the content of these remarks.

At one point in this part of the story 'S. Morgenstern', the supposed original writer of The Princess Bride steps in to provide some narration, including his personal opinion. This is similar to the narration in italics that William Goldman provides often throughout the entire abridged version of The Princess Bride, which helps to develop the frame narrative. S. Morganstren, like William Goldman, essentially says that he feels unfair with writing a description of the reunion between Westley and Buttercup.

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