The New Deal vs The Green New Deal

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The New Deal occurred in the early 1930’s throughout the Great Depression. The Great Depression was definitely the or even one of the most appalling economic declines industrial wise in the world. This took place directly after the 1929 crash in the stock market, this did not only send millions into panic, it also wiped out many many investors. Many people were struggling to just get by, some didn’t even know when their next meal would be. It was a very sad time for millions of unemployed Americans that would loose cars, homes, and have trouble finding good paying jobs.

The New Deal was put in place to tackle all of these issues. It was a sequence of programs and projects put into play by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This was planned to conduct economic relief. This took place from about 1933-1939 in the United states, but affected the entire world industrially. Especially the lack of trade between countries. It was directed to reestablish the prosperity back into America. This certainly helped the economy and provide jobs and relief to the many that were hurting. There were a lot of Americans who supported the idea to employ and give financial safety to the millions of Americans. But there were also may that had to disagree with the idea. Political enemies opposed the New Deal, this was many businessmen and even the Republican party. The most famous was Huey Long, he believed that the New Deal did not do enough for the poor and his alternative plan was called, “Share Our Wealth”. Even though The New Deal definitely didn’t end the Great Depression, it was fortunate in restoring common assurance back into the people, and the creation of the newer programs brought relief to millions. It was definitely successful in both short-term and putting in a long-term structural reform, it has easily changed the United States forever. The only negatives people had to support against the New Deal would be the fact that it upset the balance of the federal estimate, and it was unsuccessful in ending the Great Depression, but at the same time it did help with massive problem of unemployment.

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The second idea that is coming into play is the Green New Deal. This idea is the big go green idea. This is to address all of the global warming taking place, because of the industries such as like fossil fuels. The idea pushes the thought to use less carbon and be more energy efficient such as use solar energy and wind to generate electricity. Some might say the plan is very broad, but others say that it has a lot of detailed parts that get to the point. Many believe that we are slowly killing ourselves and our planet, because of what we put in the atmosphere and he way we treat it. This plan is not fully in action yet, but many democrats are very serious about putting it into play. The entire plan for the new deal is to reduce the production of greenhouse gases in all. They think that if the issue of greenhouse gases is tackled itself then that could help the huge issue of global warming. The Green New deal also adds to help the people of low-income, because in many ways items become more expensive when a drought takes place or even a natural disaster. This is called income inequality and it is to help with the raising of prices to make sure that the low- income homes can still afford these higher prices. With all of the global warming taking place, science says that if we don’t act fast by 2030 the change will not be able to reverse. There are many things that would be helpful if the Green New Deal was put into place, like it would create jobs, cut climate change in half, support farming, and boost manufacturing. Many republicans fight this, because they don’t know how much it will really affect our planet or not and think that it costs way too much money and will just send our country into debt even into our second Great Depression.

There are many similarities and differences between the two deals, but somethings that they do in common is the fact that they both were put in play to benefit the country, increase the amount of jobs, ideas from both could have sent the country bankrupt, and both were supposed to benefit the economy spending wise in the long run. Things that are different about the two deals is the New Deal took place during the Great Depression, while the Green New Deal is taking place currently. Also the Green New Deal was thought of to tackle the idea of global warming and limit the amount of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, while the New Deal was put into play to help the with the huge problem of unemployment during the Great Depression and help the economy build its way back up, because industrially we were really failing at that. So we needed to create some economic relief. Also the Green New Deal could help with the low-income homes while many thought that the new Deal did not do enough for the poor and just made it harder for them to afford the things that they needed.

Finally it is easy to say that both deals could easily benefit the country, but there are definitely holes in both plans or things that could use some work. No matter what when it comes to the two deals someone is not going to be happy so no matter what you put into play someone will always be satisfied while others will not, but that’s just how life works you can not always make everyone happy. In all the deals both are great ideas and the Green New deal might not ever be put into place, but it is a great building block.

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