The Lightning Thief: The Heart Wrenching Story of a Demigod

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Rick Riordans fiction book ‘The Lightning Thief’ is a heart capturing story of a young teenage, boy Percy Jackson. Twelve-Year-Old Percy Jackson has had enough of school suspensions and has had to change School every year. Young as he is, he learns something about himself that connects him with his father, whom he only imagines to have seen but in real sense he hasn’t.

Percy Jackson lives with his mother, Sally Jackson; a courageous woman who can face any monster for her son. She is married to Smelly Gabe Ugliano, who mistreats her. Only for the sake of Percy she has to stay and suffer and Percy is yet to know how he is a shield for him. In his new school, he gets a friend called Grover Underwood who is half man half goat (Satyr) in disguise as a teenage boy and a teacher Mr Brunner on a wheelchair who is half man half horse (Centaur) best known to have trained heroes of all centuries such as Hercules and Houdini. Percy is not aware of their real identities. Many a times they have saved him from dangerous Greek monsters such as Miss Dodd’s who is a Fury from the gates of hell who came in as his Pre-algebra teacher but he thinks always thinks to be hallucinating. He was totally confused when his pen turned into a sword called Anaklusmos to mean riptide. Soon enough, he discovers something about himself that exposes him to Greek monsters. He is the Son of Poseidon; the Greek god of the sea.

I suggest this book to all fiction lovers and teenagers because it will help them have courage and also make appropriate choices. Percy had to make a decision of either saving the world or staying with his mother but he had to think. If he won’t save the world, then the mother wouldn’t see the world either because it is in the verge of destruction by greedy Greek gods and monsters.

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After understanding himself as the grandson of the evil time Titan Cronos, he is accused of stealing Zeus master thunderbolt and Zeus is his father’s youngest brother. Zeus is the god of the sky and the king of the Olympic gods. Percy’s narrative voice is fantastic. He is especially marvellous when he has to fight the bad gods such as Ares who is the god of war and Nike who is the goddess of revenge. Imagine fighting with revenge itself. He makes your ribs crack with laughter at the same time obsessed with fear of him getting killed. His voice makes the reader to tingle with excitement and eager to know what happens next after each chapter. It feels almost real and one easily forgets that it’s a story he’s reading and is not in a real-life situation.

His dialogue is full of wisdom yet so young. He is such a powerful character who manages to unravel secrets that are darker than darkness itself. Secrets before the Titans themselves existed, where the world was a totally darkness. The gods become desperate to annihilate him for the fear of him, being his father’s most powerful and treasured weapon.

Anyway, I sympathize with Percy for being the most powerful half-blood or demigod of all century. Starting from family he hasn’t been very lucky seeing his mother leave with an awful husband reason being that his mortal odour is too strong and covered Percy from being recognized by the monsters as a demigod. He also falls in love with a Wise girl Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena who is the goddess of wisdom and battlefield and a famous rival to Percy’s father, Poseidon also nicknamed Old Barnacle Beard. I end up thinking what if I was in Percy’s place? He makes so many enemies both monsters and the oldest monsters before the world itself are all after him. He wasn’t safe anywhere, even in the sea itself, his own home and father’s territory where he had full control of. I anyway envy Percy in one priority since Poseidon is the father of horses, he can talk to horses and any water creature and the water too.

I give the book thumbs up and one hundred stars since it plays an important role in teaching other teenagers on being courageous and for the mothers to love their children and even sacrifice happiness for their sake. I would recommend it for anyone who desires History at the same time fiction where he or she can combine History and fiction to produce an amazing product almost similar to this. Rick Riordan is the master of Historical fiction and his collection of Percy Jackson series will forever remain very interesting no matter how many times you reread. ‘The Lightning Thief’ is a Historical factious novel that will forever captivate the readers. 

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