The International Policies in the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson

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Many People were affected during the world war 1 era in history and there was many people to bring them hope and help out the cause. William faulkner published many books and received a lot of nobel peace prizes for some of his work. Woodrow Wilson, being the president, joined the cause to help our allied powers for one common cause in the war. People like William Faulkner and President Woodrow Wilson had a big role during the World War 1 era in united states history through theirs writings and ideas.

World war 1 was a huge war in europe, it was germany and their allies vs the major european powers and the united states. Those powers consisted of Russia, Britain, France, and Italy. It all started in 1914 after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The war lasted many years until 1918. It was a very destructive war because it brought a lot of new, destructive technology into warfare like trenches. It was also a very deadly war killing over 16 million civilians and soldiers. On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed,starting World War 1. The war mainly started between serbia and Austria, serbia then turned to russia and soon enough all the huge european powers were jumping in. Countries like France, Britain, Belgium, Russia, and Germany all joined the war. Germany being on the opposing side to their neighbors (France, Britain, and Belgium) fought with austria against them.

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Germany attacked first According to, A&E Television Networks “a aggressive military strategy known as the Schlieffen Plan (named for its mastermind, German Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen), Germany began fighting World War I on two fronts, invading France through neutral Belgium in the west and confronting Russia in the east.” Germany attacked belgium taking their city and killing thousands and started moving to other surrounding countries. Then the battle of Marne came after Germany invaded France. The British came to help their ally and they ended up defeating Germany. Then, battle broke out on the east, Russia invaded east Poland and Prussia that were held by Germans at the time. The Russians lost to Germany and their allies in the battle of tannenberg. The Russians tried multiple times to infiltrate the Germans but never succeeded. Russia was very unstable creating the start of the Russian revolution which cause them to be absent for a period of time in the war. The United States later joined the war since Germany attacked the allied powers. Germany was very aggressive and attacked and invaded many powers and got themselves into a lot of trouble with countries like France and Russia. The US ultimately cut relations with germany and joined the war alongside the allied powers. The United States ultimately joined the war because of Germany attacking neutral merchant ships mainly carrying passengers or goods. Italy joined late in the war with the allies during the battle of isonzo.

Soon after, there was a second battle of Marne. Russia set up a truce after losing over and over and the Germans built back up and were ready to fight. But the allies pushed the Germans back and the allies gained a lot of land and power back in the war. The allies then began attacking and going on the offensive in the war. Later signing a treaty with the Turks the allied powers kept getting stronger while Germany, who were weakened by past encounters couldn’t stand a chance. The Germans soon agreed to stop fighting therefore ending the war. In the end, Millions of people were killed, countries destroyed and split and the allied powers victorious over germany and their allies. The war was officially ended with the treaty of versailles signed in Paris France.

Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28 1856 in Staunton Virginia. At the time of the United states civil war, Wilson's father served as a chaplain in the confederate army and his church was used as a hospital for Confederate troops because he was also a minister. Woodrow Wilson became president in 1912 and served until 1921 in office. Historians state from say “In the three way election he received only 42 percent of the popular vote but an overwhelming electoral vote.” When he joined office, it was right in the middle of the huge women’s rights movement and according to “Wilson was initially lukewarm towards women’s right to vote, historians generally agree that his views of suffrage evolved and he eventually supported the cause.” He was president through the entire span of World War 1 and was the one who declared war on Germany after they were attacking out neutral ships. But before he declared the US was going to stay neutral to the war effort. But after the war he took part in negotiating a peace treaty with the powers he had just won against. Woodrow Wilson before presidency however was the governor of New Jersey and Ran in the 1912 election. He graduated from Princeton University in 1879 and in 1912 he was elected nominee for the democratic party for the United States presidency. William Faulkner at the end of World War 1 was also a big part in the treaty of versailles which was to prevent any other future wars of that size. Woodrow Wilson left office in 1921 and lived in washington dc. He was unable to do any other work because of poor health and then died at his home on February 3rd 1924 at 67 years old. If it wasn’t for Woodrow Wilson, the US could have not joined the war and Europe and even the United States could be a very different place.

William faulkner was born on september 25th 1897. He was born in mississippi. He was raised from birth till adulthood by a black woman named Caroline Barr. According to he looks to her “as the impetus for his fan inaction with the politics of sexuality and race.” He father was a manager at a university and their mom heavily encouraged him and his siblings to read. Faulkner attended school all his life but lost interest sophomore year of high school and dropped out. He went to pursue poetry. When the united states joined world war 1 he joined the british flying corp but the war ended before he could even finish his training. Then in 1929 he married Estelle Oldham after she divorced her husband, bringing two children with her. Faulkner's novels didn't sell enough so he had to switch to selling short stories and working as a scheme writer. He gained a boost when he published the book The portable Faulkner and then three years later he got awarded the nobel peace prize. His book Collected stories won the national book award. Later in his life he lectured and didn't do much work. Then he died of a heart attack at the age of 65. That is how people like William Faulkner and President Woodrow Wilson had a big role during the World War 1 era in united states history through theirs writings and ideas. They did not only inspire people from them but they also helped many people through their actions.

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