The History of Nuclear Attacks in the Age of Nuclear Age

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The attacks happened on August 6 and 9 of 1945, this contributed with the Soviet-Japanese War for the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II. The “Little Boy” nuclear weapon was sent to air on Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, followed by the detonation of the “Fat Man” bomb on Thursday, August 9 on Nagasaki. Between 105,000 and 120,000 people died and 130,000 were injured, these bombings are the only nuclear attacks in history, based on BBC Studios video uploaded in YouTube the bomb took 45 second to explode since they drop it to the air, the pilots thought that the bomb wasn’t going to explode, this sadly caused a lot of people sick since the radioactive substances that the bomb had.

I can’t believe that humans attacks other innocent humans life and kill them, this is insane, how we are supposed to involve if we are getting less interested in other humans, if we are self-interest, if we don’t care about what other people thing, feels and want, we need to be a community, we need to save us from our destruction, caused by us, between the 2 events around 246.000 people die, most of the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki die or get injured or sick, and based on a video of BBC Studios the emperor of japan, want to end the suffering, “emperor Hirohito, told them that he wanted to end the suffering”, “four days later the radical soldiers attempted a coup to prevent the surrender they failed at”.

The Manhattan Project, a group of American scientists some of them were refugees from fascist regimes in Europe became concerned with nuclear weapons research being conducted in Nazi Germany, then he U.S started his own project for the creation of nuclear weapons conducted by the Office of Scientific Research, Development and the War Department, they focused first on producing the key materials for nuclear fission–uranium-235 and plutonium, The Military Chief of the Manhattan project for the development of the atomic bomb, Major General Leslie Groves in person, acknowledged that the bombs were intended to be used, first, against Stalin's USSR.

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My position is against to the creation of nuclear-atomic bomb or weapons, for me is dis-respectful that people uses this for attempting against the humanity and the environment, I can’t believe that people, engineers and scientist were okay with creating a weapon that can kill a lot of people with only one detonation, or that can be used in counter of themselves, I am not going to accept that the U.S. continue producing more nuclear weapons, why?, why they create this type of armaments? Why they need to have an stockpile full of nuclear weapons? I don’t understand, and I hope that U.S. doesn’t finish like Chernobyl.

Just imagine all the citizens watching how the people they love suffer, being incinerate, being trapped down their own houses, screaming for help, begging for their life, praying to be saved, crying and dead, difficult no? horrible? Sad? yes all that, in the other hand after almost 75 years after it continuing incidence of leukaemia and other cancers and the continuing concerns about the effects of possible genetic damage suffered by children whose parents were exposed to radiation make me feel so sad.

That Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been able to rebuild and return to life and that the inhabitants of these cities have vehemently promoted the abolition of nuclear weapons are powerful symbols of human resilience. 'The world had been waiting for this legal norm for seventy years,' said Elayne Whyte Gómez, Costa Rica’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva and president of the conference. The United Nations created a legal norm for the abolishment of nuclear weapons, “After seven decades of effort to avoid a nuclear war, a global treaty has been negotiated that could achieve it. The advocates of the agreement argue that it would lead to the destruction of all nuclear weapons and ban their use forever if it succeeds in being ratified.” (The New York Times by Rick Gladstone), I am agree with this new law, this is the least they can do for regarding all those affected after the devastating attack.

Despite the fact that in 2017 the law is approved, two countries left the treaty, the United States and Russia announced their withdrawal from the law, but other countries such as North Korea, Pakistan, United Kingdom, South Sudan, Israel, India, France , and China are not part of the treaty, the United States argued its withdrawal saying that they did not want to be defenceless against a sudden attack by China, Russia and North Korea as they were testing their weapons, and because Russia was accused of Breaking the treaty, with the departure of the US, an arms race will break out, I am scared, what if united states Russia and china don’t back up, million or thousands of people, innocent people might die.

To conclude, we need to know that if countries that are outside the treaty such as the United States, China and Russia continue with the arms race in which they are, very innocent people are going to die, people who do not even know what is happening, but the worst is that the third world war could be created, where the ideal scenario would be presented to be able to use these nuclear weapons that are being developed, that are already developed, or that are going to be created, this ones could be even more powerful than those used in the attack to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we need to protect the future and the planet for the next generation.

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