The Dystopian Idea of Feed in M.T Anderson's Novel

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A chip in their head? Absurd is it not. Controlling their thoughts and decisions what state of lunacy must one be in to subject themselves in such a deplorable predicament. Yet, that is the reality of the society of Feed by M.T Anderson in which Titus lives with a chip, called feed, is implanted in their head some may think that the feed is astonishing, but the feed is a dystopia fronting as a utopia. When having the feed there's no privacy.

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For example, when Violet is talking to Titus about how the feed can control everything,” Your body control, your emotions, your memory, everything. Sometimes feed errors are fatal.” (Anderson 170). That is one cause why the feed can be a dystopia. There's no privacy because it's in their head. When the feed in his head said, 'Feeling blue? Then dress blue! It’s the Blue-Jean Warehouses Final Sales Event!” (Anderson 298). That was the time when Violet died, and he was feeling down when that happened, and the feed advertisement tries to make him buy something. The feed doesn't care about when Violet died and just tries to get his money.

That is another point why the feed can be a dystopia. Having the feed makes the brain less knowledgeable. In school TM it teaches how to use the feed, “Now that school TM is run by corporations, it's pretty brag, because it teaches us how the world used, like mainly how to use our feeds’’ (Anderson 109-110). Titus likes school TM because it just teaches about feed. Titus knows that Violet is smarter than him because she knows how to read and write, and he doesn’t. But this is another idea why the feed is a dystopia. Titus thinks that everybody that has the feed is smart, he shares, 'Everyone is supersmart now. You can look things automatic, like science and history, like if you want to know which battles of the civil war George Washington fought in” (Anderson 47). That is another purpose why the feed can be a dystopia. Regardless, the opposing point of view may say that the feed is a utopia because they can chat in their head.

For example, “We all watched the football game while the girls, they did something else on the feed. They were chatting each other and we couldn’t hear them, but they kept laughing” (Anderson 9). However, the opposing point of view is wrong because you can get hacked and if the feed is damaged the brain is damaged because its connected to the brain. That is another idea why the feed is a dystopia.

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