The Clash Between Washington and W.E.B. DuBois and Who Had a More Practical Vision

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After the great expansion west and the civil war, America was finally starting to grab onto the idea that all people deserve to be treated equally and fairly. Post civil war through the earliest 20th century brought new amendments to the constitution which were supposed to grant equality, safety and freedom to all, no matter what race, ethnicity or previous servitude. Despite these new amendments that were put into place, half of America, mainly the south was continuing its ongoing oppression on the African American race. Not only did this go against constitutional rights but also created a less than human stigma against black americans. If it wasn’t for social activist taking stands against these discriminations than this stigma could still be going on today.

Throughout the history of America racial discrimination has struck and terrorized our land since the birth of our country. The socio-economic problem between white people and black people was the oppression and discrmiination of the African American race.. Even though salvery was supposed to be abolished through the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment, instead it was displaced with segregation. This was the problem between 1865 to 1920, where black codes were invoked and all people were equal but separate. Due to severe actions of victimization that pertained to the black american race rose two brilliant men. These men were Booker T Washington and W.E.B Dubois; both African American activists who fought for integration and equality however disagreed with each others philosophy. Although both men were greatly looked and viewed upon, I believe WEB Dubois plans had a better and more practical disposition over Booker T Washington’s ideology.

Booker T Washington was a man of honor and work. From the day he was borned he had endured the hardships and difficulties in the south. Raised as a slave, Washington was able to understand and connect with other African American individuals. He grew up to be a leader, looked up too by many, Booker T washingtong was a face of freedom. Washington believed in the salvation of the balck race through work, education and passiveness. Where any man who works hard enough will be respected no matter what his race or skin color. For example, in the document, “the educational outlook in the south” Washington states, “Brains, property, and character for the Negro will settle the question of civil rights.” Washington says this because he is trying to denote the fact that success as a black man will also bring respect and equality. Also, in the “address delivered at hampton”, Washington also states “ When a black man has the best farm to be found in his county, every white man will respect him.” This also shows Washibngtons point in resloving discrimination through work. Washington believed that with hard work and patience will end the oppression of any lesser race and in a way, he was right.

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WEB Dubios was just as equally an activist as Booker T washington. Although, he had never undegone the abloshments of slavery, he witnessed the oppression of hid people and therefore did his best to save and enlighten his culture. W.E.B Dubois, like Booker T Washington believed in advancing African Americans through education and work however believed in doing it in a more rapid, forceful way. WEB Dubios believed that his people would escape racism through protest, agitation and unity of the African American race. In fact, W.E.B Dubios states in his “agitation” document, “Agitation is a necessary evil to tell of the ills of the Suffering.” He does this to prove to people that without a fight and force there will be no change. Dubois believed that African Americans could advance through agitation but not unless the people were united. In the “conservation of races” document Du bois states, “ as a race we must strive by race organization, by race solidarity, and by race unity.” He mentions this because he is trying to establish how important it is for the black race to stick together. Dubois believes that the black nation outnumbers the white and that together they can fight for their equality.

Even though Booker T Washington and W.E.B Dubois were similar in their goals for both the white and black race, their manifestations on how to implement it contrasted with each other. Both men wanted to deprecate the line which separates and belittles the Black American race while advancing the people into a better and more equal future. However, even though both men shared the same goal, each man had his own ways and ideas on how to achieve it. For example, Booker T Washington wished to resolve discrimination through perserverance and hard labour while W.E.B Dubois planned to create organizations, schools, the talented tenth as well as supported agitation in order to gain fairness and uniformity throughout the country. Even though both of these ideas would impact the African American race for the better, I believe W.E.B Dubois’s methods was most fit and practical to advance African Americans after the civil war; not because Booker T Washington had a bad plan however, but because his plans were too passive and powerless. As W.E.B Dubois wrote, “We have no right to sit silently by while the inevitable seeds are sown for a harvest of disaster to our children, black and white.” he depicted the fact that being patient and quiet wouldn’t end the prejudice behavior towards African Americans until much further in time. This is why I believe Du Bois had a more practical plan, because not only would agitation speeds up the process but Du Bois also helped create the Niagara movement which soon converted into the NAACP that helped advance the Black American race.

Based off the ideas of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Du Bois, I believe Du Bois had a more practical plan in order to advance the Black American race in a more swift and tenacious way following the civil war. After the civil war the African American race was belittled and differentiated against by the white people. Jim Crow laws were starting to emerge, lynching was out of control however, rising out of the ash came W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T. Washingoton. Two activists whose ideas brought wisdom, hope and power to the African American race. Although both men were greatly viewed upon, Du Bois’s plans and actions would bring a quicker and more powerful change across America. This is because Du Bois believed in power within numbers, as well as using agitation to forward the black race while beginning to create the national association for the advancement of colored people.

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