the Cask Of Amontillado: Mood And Other Literary Devices

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To make his story, successful Poe has used a lot of elements. These elements have been used to make the story a masterpiece and to create suspense all along with the story hence making it a success. Among the devices used by Poe are the Gothic elements. The elements bring out an outstanding work of great creativity and skill.

To begin with, he uses a very apt storyteller, Montressor, who depicts craftiness, intelligence, and a lot of influence. But as the story is being told, we come to know that not only is he not reliable, but he is also furious. His intention for an act of revenge is clearly shown from the start. But he never exposes the mistake Fortunando committed to his family and him. Thus concealing the secret he had. When the story ends, we come to realize that actually, Fortunando died fifty years ago. We are surprised at how the story is being as fresh as possible by the one who killed him. As an older man, he still appreciates what he did, showing no sense of remorse in him.

Secondly, Poe uses suspense through the setting of his story. The mineral form of potassium nitrate covering the walls, the cemetery, Mardi Gras, and the ancient city and the niche that covered Fortunando’s grave. Many horrifying stories of the Gothic’s are also set in the ghostly house. In the story, there is an underground connection. The old places where the dead used to be buried pour fear into the hearts of the Christians.

The device he utilizes here brings about the suspense is that of foreshadowing. The main character Montressor shows the coat of arms he owned to Fortunato. It showed a serpent striking a heel that stepped on it. This was an obvious sign that Montressor was in for an act of revenge. Fortunato is also demonstrated the trowel by Montressor. He also gives him the fake stones man gesture. After that, there is the dry sherry, which is the reddest herring in literature.

Considering the structure of the story, the innermost theme of revenge is obvious. We can boldly say that Fortunando is being led to his destruction. The intention of the killer is, however, not shown explicitly, so the outer theme of the story on confession is empty and open-ended. Gothic storytellers appreciate in making the revenge fit to the original crime.

Poe also employs irony masterfully as a device to make his story success. This he employs tactfully as he starts to twist this horrifying story. The story takes place in the festive season of a community in Italy. The party-goers are in a costume and drinking the right amount of wine and other offerings. Montressor does not waste any time in showing himself as the most excellent person full of ego and sociopathic. He describes the story reader the factors behind his murderous intentions. He is in simple terms emending what in his words is a thousand injuries meted upon him over a long period by Fortunato. The name Fortunato is also ironical since what transpired on him is actually opposite from what his name is spelling.

In their walking the cemetery, Montresor takes the drunk Fortunando; he explains to him wetness of the air, the skeletons scattered all around, and the gloomy darkness as they moved unfathomably into the cemeteries. Montresor kept telling and showing the need for this, moving deeper into the earth as paramount. His was because if one were caught carrying out the act of revenge deeper in the catacombs, the act would not count anymore. The complete degree of the horror of Fortunato’s death becomes clear when Montresor ties chains on Fortunato. The chains have been heavily linked to the concreted rock. Montresor commences building a wall. As this is happening, Fortunato is recovering from his drunken nature, and he is gaining consciousness of what is going on. 

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