The Book Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

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The book Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation is set in California in the year 1976 about a young woman named Dana, a black writer, facing the horrible truth her ancestors went through. As she puts books on a shelf with her husband Kevin, a white published author, suddenly dana is in the 1800s saving a little boy’s life. She later finds out that his name is Rufus, son to a plantation owner in Maryland, who mysteriously has the power to bring Dana into his time whenever he feels he is going to die. The only way back to her time period is if she feels she is going to die.

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After reading this book I realized we talk about slavery a lot but I never really understood it till after I read this book. We get to see through Dana's eyes slavery might have been like. The people around dana knew that life was hard that it wasn’t right but if they spoke up the would be punished harshly for it. But somehow the also found a light at the end of the tunnel. From time to time they would have while doing their tasks, like the corn husking parties, drinking, singing.

Some things that are historically accurate were the typewriter that we see Kevin use or the fact that Dana acknowledged’s that in Rufus's time period California was not a state. But some things that aren't historically accurate is Dana's character in Rufus's time. It's not accurate because of the way she dresses and because she is highly educated but it goes with the book of her being time traveled to the Past. But by adding this person who does not belong in that time it makes the whole conflict of the book of her needing to find a way to survive in a setting that she was not accustomed to.

The book was pretty good. I really liked that we really get to see dana dealing with what her ancestors went through. That even though she was working for a company and she felt like a slave, She gets to see what it was really like. Including all the violence, hater, all the prejudice. I would completely recommend it for next year’s list. I feel like not enough of us know what that’s like cause nowadays people forget that we ever even had slaves, that there was a time we treated people that bad I learned that during this California was not a state. That some slaves were free on paper but not in society. I think others will learn that you must always treat someone with respect.   

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