The Benefits Of Death Penalty Over Life Imprisonment

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Do you think that we should have the death penalty? Should we punish some of the criminals for murder? Why should they not get punished to death if they murdered innocent people? THEY SHOULD!! Family’s could get put to ease. We reserve the right in the United States of America to punish death to some of the most heinous murderers.

Starting out, Many families that deal with the fact their loved one has been murdered it the most horrible feeling you can ever feel. Murdering innocent people is very cold-blooded! The absence of the Death Penalty raises the likelihood of more careless crimes such as murder. The death penalty is quick, painless, and humane. The death penalty will stop offenders from getting life sentences and them not caring about that life sentence. For example the Keith Griffith case of Murder, Arson, other charges I forgot what it was, he has less than a life sentence but for his age, he will probably die in prison. He should have got a death penalty sentence for murdering his wife Julie Griffith, burning the house down with her in the house and with the dog in the house. How can such diabolical human being not get a life sentence but should have got a death penalty sentence?

Next, We are moving on to the future of auto-driving cars. That also means that we are advancing technology in the making. Now we have new DNA technology that proves an offender from getting convicted when innocent! Most offenders state “I didn’t do that I swear” blah blah blah. With this DNA technology, we can PROVE they did or did not do it. If they did not do it we can track down the offender and bring them to justice to hopefully get them there sweet death penalty sentence. Do you know what the presumption of innocence is? The presumption of innocence is a legal principle the one another is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! Have you ever been detained or went to jail/prison? Just listen to those words YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW!! DNA technology will PROVE you are innocent of guilty and be 100% sure if they are GUILTY or INNOCENT.

Next, Family’s will be put to ease! Who wants the remorseless criminal in this BIG world if they murdered someone(s)? I got the answer NO ONE unless you’re unthinkable. Statistics show if there is a death penalty crime rates such as espionage, treason, various forms of homicide (Murder), and genocide will be a substantial decrease. I know that in criminal justice, department of corrections that there is escape’s in prisons that they escaped many years ago and still not have been apprehended. Some such as they killed more people(s).

Do you now agree the death penalty has what we need to have much more of now in today’s criminal justice system? With all of the FACTS such as DNA, statistics, more FACTS. Our criminal justice system is crazy in today’s world, it has changed over the last 5 years even. Less and fewer states are considering the death penalty. That’s a very poor decision. That is why the death penalty should be done to EVERY diabolical murderer.

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