Tecumseh and His Role in the War of 1812

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Tecumseh was an extremely significant Native American who gave his life for what he believed in. He was a hero to many and he realized that the Americans were an extreme danger to every Indian tribe and understood that the Indians would be murdered one by one if not joined together. He had stated, “The way, and the only way, to check and to stop this evil, is for all the Redmen to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was at first and should be yet; for it was never divided, but belongs to all for the use of each. That no part has a right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers-those who want all and will not do with less.” (Zinn, ch. 7)

Tribal barriers were broken up and the Native American individuals framed the biggest Native American people that produced over 4, 000 warriors (We Shall Remain, 65 min). Tecumseh made a confederation of thirty-two tribes with the expectation that the Americans would perceive their outskirts and, in this manner, put an end to westbound development.

Legendary Shawnee leader Tecumseh was born in 1768, (Edmunds, pg. 17) His dad Puckeshinwa was slaughtered by whites in the battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. (Edmunds, pg. 18) His mom, Methoataske, left him when he was seven years of age. He soon became chief in 1800 and lead his tribe through numerous fights and encounters. He was acclaimed for his knowledge, truth and sympathetic activities when Indians were viewed as nothing more than savages. (Edmunds, 7) In the story, David Edmunds examines Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his important role in fighting the Indian path. Since his death in the battle at the river in 1813, the items of Tecumseh’s time have fallen into the kingdom of legend, story, and drama. David Edmunds considers this person who acted as a mediator, the fascinating strategist who sought to smooth social divisions between tribes and collectively oppose the seizure of their land. (We Shall Remain, 1:45) There were no pictures of him made during his lifetime, there was no account left in his own words.

As stated in We Shall remain, “looking back the movement he led would seem in many ways to have been doomed to failure from the start. And yet in the course of his breathtakingly brief and meteoric career, he would rise to become one of the greatest native American leaders of all time. ” (We Shall Remain, 1min) “He had a vision, to make sure Indian way of life was going to continue at whatever costs. ” (We Shall Remain, 2min)

Slaying, murder, and the invasion of these Shawnee’s lands and the death of their crops deepened the hate of whites that was inculcated in Tecumseh by his mom. When he was around 14 years old, in the English Revolution, he accompanied Blackfish at one British and Indian attempts on Americans. (Edmunds, 7) Equally belligerent as he was towards whites, still, Tecumseh reprimanded his fellow Shawnees about one year after for this abuse that they themselves exercised, and it caused him to discover that words can be only as powerful as weapons. (BOA) He got with one of these aggressive Shawnee raids on the flat boats that were taking encroaching white colonists down the Ohio River; (We Shall Remain, 3:10) he had seen the white person dragged to the stake and burned.

Afraid he had showered his fellow tribesmen with much abuse that they never tortured the captive at his existence again. “Land loss was soon brought into place by white politicians eager to affect the transfer of land and any way they could and convinced Indian way of life was dying. ” (We Shall Remain, 15Min) The methods for the white men, he announced, were an underhanded that violated all they contacted. Not exclusively did the whites keep on taking Indian terrains, they had made the Indians reliant on the white world’s devices and harmed by its bourbon. (We Shall Remain, 18:50) The Indian individuals were losing their identity. (Edmunds)

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Prophets lessons required an all-out dismissal of the white culture, which incorporated the apparel and innovation, liquor and religion. He likewise stood up against the offering of land since as per Indian convictions nobody possessed the land. This was by old convention; the land and its assets were given to everybody by the Great Spirit. Alongside this, Prophet lectured another incredible message he required an intertribal alliance that would acknowledge Indians all over the place. To enable this vision to turn into a reality Prophet looked to his sibling, Tecumseh. (Edmunds, ch. 9) From the time he was exceptionally youthful it was clear he would be an all-around exceedingly gifted seeker, pioneer and warrior. The two utilized his picture among the local altogether impact them to join the battle. Tecumseh viewed himself as an Indian first and a Shawnee second. This helped the siblings’ vision of one joined Indian alliance appear to be increasingly achievable. (Edmunds)

The first great occurrence in this region’s history was the resumption of hostilities with indigenous Americans. Unhappy with their care since the peace of treaty in 1795, indigenous tribes headed by the Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his friend Tenskwatawa formed the alliance against the Americans. (We Shall Remain, 10:33) “Indian nations begin to unite in a confederation, resist that expansion Tecumseh’s conflict began in 1811, when chief Harrison ran the army to rebuff the hostile movements of Tecumseh’s pan-Indian Union. (Nash, pg. 194)

The Battle of Tippecanoe (1811), which had the seat back for Native Americans, gained Harrison Public reputation and the name of “past Tippecanoe”. This battle between Tecumseh and Harrison unified with the battle of 1812 after the remnants of the pan-Indian alliance allied with the country at Canada. (Nash, pg. 194) Different conflicts that happened within of the present-day government of Indiana include the blockage of Fort Wayne, the pigeon roost murder and the fight of the Mississinewa. The treaty of Ghent (1814) stopped the conflict and relieved American colonists from their concerns of fire by the near British and their Indian nations. (Nash, pg. 197) The accord marked the ending of hostilities with the native Americans at Indiana.

I trust the war of the old northwest was not inevitable. The motivation behind why I trust this is on the grounds that at first when the progressive war was over the US begun to gradually take an ever-increasing number of terrains from the Indians exasperating Indians. After the primary couple of trades between the Americans and the Indians left the Indian tribes exhausted. Be that as it may, once Lalawethika fell into the flame and returned with his message, it lit a flame into the Indian individuals that they needed to push back white powers so they could take their territory and lives back. Since the United States felt that they weren’t anything incorrectly, Tecumseh and Indian Confederacy had no pick yet to get ready for a war. Tecumseh was such an incredible pioneer he had the option to rally numerous Indian warriors to help battle against the Americans. At the point when the War of 1812 began it resembled that the British and Indians could win the war, however once the British relinquished the Indians just as the passing of Tecumseh it was the finish of the Indian Confederacy. (Edmunds, ch. 9)

On October 5th, 1813, Tecumseh was lethally injured in the fight. (Edmunds, 198) It is unknown who murdered him or where his remains went. After Tecumseh’s death most of the tribesmen “accepted the inevitable. They would be forced to accommodate the Americans. ” (Edmunds, ch. 9) His demise started a fast decrease in American Indian obstruction and the War of 1812 is set apart as the start of removal in the upper Midwest. Amid his life, Tecumseh’s political authority, sympathy and courage pulled in the regard of companions and adversaries alike, and in the time since, a myth has created around him that has changed him into an American folk hero.

Taking everything into account, In my opinion, Tecumseh was an incredible man and merited a great deal of recognition for what he had the option to achieve in his years. His sibling was additionally an extraordinary man and attempted to spare his kin profoundly while Tecumseh endeavored to spare them physically. The two of them needed to do what was best for the Shawnees and a few other Indian tribes as well. Even though they were raised in two unique ways they wound up getting to be incredible leaders in their own specific manners.

They likewise turned out to be close siblings and cooperated for one primary objective and that was to keep their lifestyle and to rescue their dad’s territories. Tecumseh certainly changed history. He united the Indian countries to battle against the Americans. Did you realize that the life of Tecumseh was transformed into a generation? Tecumseh needed to keep the Shawnee lands, yet the Americans needed to drive out the Indians. Also as stated by David Edmunds, as Tecumseh passed into history, he had also passed into legend. Tecumseh was the “Greatest Indian” and the “bravest of the brave. ” (Edmunds, ch. 9, pg. 208)

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