Symbolism of Mist and Personal Beliefs in "Great Expectations"

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Symbolism of Mist and Personal Beliefs in "Great Expectations" essay
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Symbolism in a text is provided to bring forth the deeper meaning that the author intended to convey. As characters grow and develop, they unlock what the symbolic effect that it may have on then. In the well-known book, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the mist symbolizes something that reveals the truth rather than obscures them. Mist is known for making it very difficult to see and, well for getting things wet; however, through Pip’s expectations the mist exposed Pip to more rather than hide him from the truth.

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The first encounter Pip had with the mist introduced him to someone who would change his life. When Pip was caught upon the marshes, “the mist was heavier than before so that instead of [him] running at everything, everything seemed to be running at [him]” (Dickens 23). It seems as if the mist foreshadowed Pip’s expectations in the mere first chapters of the book. Dickens stated the mist was heavier than before, which could simply mean there was a great amount of mist, or it could mean that the mist was revealing the hidden truths that came with meeting the convict and the journeys that followed.

After Mrs. Joe’s funeral, where Pip still longed to be a gentleman, he made promises he couldn't keep. Being the sweet gentleman boy that he was, he promised Biddy and Joe that he would return back to the marshes and accompany them throughout their time of grief. With a head full of doubt, Biddy challenged Pip’s promise and questioned him. In that moment he looked out towards the mist for assistance and “once more, the mists were rising as [he] walked away... and that Biddy was quite right, all [he] can say is - [the mist] was quite right too” (Dickens 357).

As Pip was contemplating his decision to return, he realized that the mist already unveiled his answer by rising in front of him, calling him back to his hometown, reminding him of his past as a blacksmith. Again, in this example, the mist symbolized the revealing of Pip’s expectations and truths. The mist made another appearance when “it had all solemnly risen now, and the world lay spread before [Pip]” (Dickens 410). At this point in Pip’s expectations, he thought he had everything figured out and believed he was destined to become a gentleman. Because the mist was not prominent due to the fact that it had rise, Pip’s views were ironically obscured in the pure light of day.

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This essay explores the symbolism of mist in Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations." The student offers a basic analysis of how mist represents revealing truths rather than obscuring them, utilizing textual examples to support their points. The essay briefly examines three instances where mist appears in the novel, connecting it to Pip's expectations and character development. While the essay identifies instances of symbolism, it lacks depth and critical engagement with the text. Consider delving into the broader thematic significance of mist, exploring how it contributes to the novel's themes and characters. Additionally, expand upon your analysis by incorporating more contextual information and relevant scholarly perspectives.
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Depth of Analysis: Delve deeper into the symbolism of mist, exploring its thematic significance and its connection to characters' development. Textual Evidence: Provide more specific quotations from the text to support your analysis and demonstrate your understanding of the symbolism. Thematic Exploration: Discuss how the symbolism of mist contributes to the broader themes of the novel and enhances the reader's understanding. Contextual Engagement: Incorporate more contextual information about Charles Dickens' writing style, the Victorian era, and literary criticism to enrich your analysis. Scholarly Perspectives: Engage with scholarly interpretations of the symbolism of mist in "Great Expectations" to enhance your analysis and provide a well-rounded view.
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Symbolism of Mist and Personal Beliefs in "Great Expectations" essay

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