Summary Of The Shining Novel By Stephen King

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 The Shining is about a family who are the new winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. The family consists of a 7 year old boy named Danny Torrance, his mother named Wendy Torrance who is unemployed, and finally Jack Torrance who was an english teacher but got fired for after his alcoholism got best of him which also lead him to lash out on his son and break his arm. The whole family drives up to the hotel to learn how things work and they are meeted the caretaker named Dick Hallorann. He shows them around and starts talking to Danny with his mind and Dick calls it “Shining”.

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Once everybody is gone from the Overlook its just the Torrance family left and they get boarded in by the snow. Jack is trying to write book but he has a massive writers block and he is also locked into the hotel so this leads him to go slowly insane. Danny has sort of 2 personality and his other personality is named Tony and he is evil. One day Danny is riding his plastic bike through the halls of the Overlook and he sees 2 twin girls and they ask him to play with them. He also sees a naked old woman in the bathtub of room 237. Jack goes up to see if anything is up there and there he sees the old woman.

One night Wendy calls up Dick and he comes down to check on them but Jack is waiting for him so Jack grebs an axe and when Dick enters the hotel and Jack hits him in the gut with the axe. Once Wendy sees Dick dead on the floor and she takes Danny and goes to hide in their room and they go to sleep. Danny wakes up in the middle of the night but he is sort of possessed by Tony so he takes Wendy’s lipstick and he writes REDRUM on the door (REDRUM is MURDER backwards).

Jack kicks in the door so Wendy takes Danny and goes to hide in the bathroom. Jack takes the axe and starts chopping down the door Wendy opens the window and tells Danny to escape. Danny climbs down as Jack emerges his face through a hole in the door and he yells “HERE’S JOHNNY”. Johnny leaves Wendy in the bathroom while he goes to look for Danny. He spots Danny just outside the door so he chases him through the hotel courtyard into the maze of bushes. Danny is able to get away to Wendy who tries to save Danny and they escape on the snow track. Johnny is now stuck at the hotel without any way out so he freezes to death outside in the cold. 

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