Procrastination and the Harmful Effects of It on Job Performance

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Procrastination is when someone has a job or task to do, and they say “I will do it later.” If they put it off until later, in some cases, they can lose your job. If someone is a chef and they reply to your boss “I will do it in a minute,'' the customer/customers will have to wait that much longer on their fries, and the chef would infuriate your boss overall. Procrastination is a large word I feel like there should be a smaller word that means the same thing, oh wait there is its paused or delayed. Delaying someone's project or plans can ruin the finished product or bigger picture in the end.

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In a normal scenario, let's say someone has a job, and they have to do a certain amount of work per day. No one wants to do their job, but the job has to get done. Everyone must follow through with the task to get paid and to provide food for their family. Another example is a person is going to a restaurant, and the chef delays the burger that they ordered. Now they would not want to eat there anymore or pay for their cold food. Now the chef does not get a tip because of his procrastinating in making the burger.

A person could be a musician and they planned a concert for October 30th but did not plan ahead what they are going to play. They pick out some songs, and they say to himself “I will listen and practice tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and they listen to the music and practice for only an hour each day. The people who paid to get into their concert were expecting to hear good music, and instead, they felt cheated. Not only did they waste their money but the musician made a bad name for himself or himself as an artist. All because he procrastinated on practicing.

Why slack off and do your job later when you could do your job now and not have to worry about not doing your job? Depending on how long you wait, you could forget about the job and not finish the job. You could figure out a way to make your job easier and more efficient. Alternatively, you could just not do it and possibly get fired. If you choose to not do it and possibly lose your job, you could potentially be wasting your future away.

Ultimately, a person's worst enemy when it comes to deadlines or due dates would be procrastination. In life, we procrastinate daily activities just to get out of assignments or daily work, like not putting the fries in the deep fryer, making the burger, and practicing the music. If you continue this throughout your life, you would indefinitely not graduate, get the desired career, or be able to provide for your family. The best way to eliminate procrastination out of your life is to follow through and do said task when asked, assigned, or needed. To make things easier for you, you need to get up off your behind and finish the task that is needed. 

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