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Review of the Walt Whitman's Poetry Collection Leaves of Grass

Leaves of Grass is a poetry collection written by the distinguished Walt Whitman, it was first published in 1855 although he continued writing and revising it until 1892, when he died. Whitman is considered not only one of the most relevant writers of the 19th...

O Captain, My Company: The Metaphorical Background

Poetries are the combination of people’s intelligence and experience, and they are one of the most beautiful and rhythmic literature in the world. In order to lead the reader into their thought, poets often use tools or similar ways to make the poetries imaginable. Besides,...

Honoring the President Lincoln in Walt Whitman's O Captain My Captain

President Lincoln‘s noble stand against slavery in the United States union won him much respect and admiration his despite the fierce opposition of the confederacy to maintain the institution to dehumanize Africans and keep them captive. Social activist, Jane Addams and writer, Walt Whitman expressed...

The Essence of Loyalty in Walt Whitman's Poetry

The dictionary defines loyalty as a strong feeling of support or allegiance. There are many instances throughout history that show people demonstrating their loyalty to other people of power or even people that are equal to them. In this case I will be discussing Walt...

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