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The Touching Messages Behind Nikki Giovanni's Poetry

During our lifetime, we feel a lot of emotion. For example, you can feel stress, happiness, sadness, depressed, etc. How about you? What kind of emotion are you feeling now? Author of this poem Nikki Giovanni has many good poem she wrote using her own...

Literary Devices and Figurative Language in "I Wrote A Good Omelet"

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I found this poem off the website. Before choosing this specific poem, I Wrote a Good Omelet, I had read poems from the same poet. Her name is Nikki Giovanni. I was inspired by all of her poems but this one truly stood out to...

Ideas Behind the Poetry of the Member of Black Arts Movement, Nikki Giovanni

There are many ways to express a story or feelings; one way being poetry. Poetry has been around for many decades, continuously growing in popularity over the years. As poetry became more published it was sorted and assigned into different categories of poetry. A few...

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