NATO in Afghanistan or ISAF's Mission

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Sights ISAF's Mission was one of the biggest problems of the Alliance. To show that NATO is capable of organization for military operations on a large scale, and also to respond to the new threat, which is conflict asymetryczne59. On the effectiveness of the NATO mission in Afghanistan was influenced by both internal factors (such as lack of consensus among member States on ongoing activities) and external. The main reason for the failure of the ISAF mission was limited the forces and means participating in the mission. Did not meet the needs of the mission of stabilization associated with the enhanced activity of partyzantów60. The lack of coordination during the mission, and many are represented by members of the coalition approach was influenced by the fact that it was difficult to maintain consistency in the action. Gradually forsowano therefore, the use of technological superiority, including in the air, and this advantage was used, despite the lack of support from the community to the Afghan 61.

In the military dimension, NATO has emphasized the development of the Afghan armed forces and law enforcement agencies.' At the same time it must be noted that it is necessary to abandon the struggle against the guerrilla movement, as such, against groups strictly terrorist acts directed against the security of the world zachodniego62 Operation in Afghanistan appeared the weakness of NATO. The main disadvantage that was obtained during the mission was the lack of 'standing forces and means of military actions'64. NATO acted on the basis of the forces and means available to the member States. The lack of agreement between coalition members, as well as the need for self-financing operations led to the fact that she had to face, she considerable difficulties in realizacji65 . The beginning of the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 meant that the country was weakened at the time of high number of attacks, which led to instability of the government of Hamid Karzai and carried a risk of their obalenia66. Huge military advantage did not help to win the Alliance for more than ten years in the conflict with militants talibskimi. This caused the necessity to start negotiations between the Afghan and American diplomacy, about to leave also after 2014, a military base and hold it there for approx. 30-40 thousand soldiers. Such a contract strategy was signed in may 2012 roku68. To stabilize Afghanistan so it is important that the involvement of the Alliance, the Chinese presence in the region, which can help in the stabilization of the situation in kraju69.

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The reason for intense action groups talibańskich can be the activities of military contingents on the territories, recognized the Taliban for its own zone of influence .ISAF's strategy, consisting in increasing the number of troops and police, so she could lead, due to the prevailing situation in the country, to lower the security requirements in the recruitment process of these services. Thus, we can assume the intensification of the actions of the Taliban with the aim of attracting supporters and adherents in the ranks of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Policy (ANP)71. ISAF's mission was actually 'longest, most intense and expensive military campaign in the Alliance's history, and it defines the priorities for NATO in the past decade, 75. Unsurprisingly, the Alliance has moved from this operation weakened. The ISAF operation has allowed to Alliance? Member States, NATO has made adapting to different phases of conflict, at the same time showing that NATO is the ability to work in remote regions and in difficult conditions.


While it looks tempting to dismiss three-sided organizations, an international organisation is a corporation value maintaining due to its ability and usefulness. International organisation managed to reimagine itself from a corporation designed to push democracy to 1 that combats act of terrorism and cyber warfare. to boot, international organisation facilitates the sharing of knowledge across borders and access to bases and instrumentality round the world.

Moving forward, we tend to should acknowledge that defense defrayal could be a valid concern concerning international organisation, however conjointly acknowledge that the identical levels of paying can't be duplicated across countries. whereas the price sharing at intervals international organisation will be renegotiated, there are different ways to make sure that defense defrayal is maintained while not burdening member nations. Recognizing their own alteration budgets, international organisation countries have puzzled out innovative ways that to share the prices of defense defrayal. The Nordic Defense Cooperation is one organization, created of Scandinavian country, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The organization works on value sharing and developing joint solutions. Defense cooperation agreements between countries not solely save cash however are an area for a lot of info sharing and potential innovation.

Whether through cooperation agreements or re-negotiating contributions, international organisation allies should move forward to form a corporation that's equally valuable to any or all members. Throughout this method, however, leaders in Europe and therefore the USA should replicate on the importance of international organisation to the safety of Europe, the u. s. and even the center East. solely once such reflection can the globe perceive the importance of three-sided agreements like international organisation.

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