My Personal Experience in Subculture in Mexico

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In the subculture, there are many qualities that make subculture an important group in society. We learn each other with diverse characteristics that when we born is more personal and we raise with that. Knowing a subculture could be learned by parents, the environment or this really huge circle that teaches us in a different way than other places. In the subculture, we have a real timeline that parents learn, with that, they teach voluntary to children and people around. Many characteristics that subculture involved and have memories about things that we thought were just in general but is more in a group either boundary rigidity, language, values, that also signs could have publics, private and covert. Some more as initiation rituals or degree of attachment. Components that made our subculture a group that has generation depending on what place we are.

The whole subculture that I have experienced was in Mexico and the US. One of the characteristics in a subculture that personally I was involved in was in Mexico about the language. In Mexico is so common to use the language Spanish Latin, that some experience that I could say is the way when everyone talks in male or female. When for example they say la Silla, the chair is female, could be el Avion, the airplane. Some other as when they punish you and teach you to do good things, sample when you do something wrong as write the wall with colors or something like that, they correct you to do the right thing as no get dirty. For regular is always the mom who gets whatever thing that she could find and get punish for your act, making them learn a lesson and the result is efficient. And then becomes values.

Parents teach children like they were in their situation as a kind of imitation when grandparents teach them, then they start to teach the most time the same way that they were teaching to the next generation other. In always a good path for them and for others, teaching as in Mexico family learning in any place say good morning, good evening and goodnight.

In addition, is so constantly say that to everyone that you see even if it is a stranger. One of the different values that are so present in places is the empathy between people. This is demonstrated when you visited public areas or restaurants when you finished eating and you see someone else eating the most common way to say something after that you said “provecho” which means enjoy your meal. Sharing is a great part of the community that Mexico has since they involve every people just for respect to sharing something that is good.

In a situation the food, when you pass in a local restaurant they bring a whole tray of a test in what they are selling. A different perspective of values is a very interesting greeting; when people meet with each other typically a kiss on the cheek. Female with a female, female with a male is common but is not the same cause as a male with male, since if interpreted as a different gender, for a male is more a handshake and a pat on the back.

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In addition to representative values would be the punctuality, this is in many countries as a respected value but in comparison with Mexico is depend in different groups, in my cause when someone planning to meet in a restaurant, party, school or just whatever simple place is more extraordinary how people came late, causes that came 30 mins or 1 hour. Something that is kind of fun when you see people late and they are like is nothing happens. Without a doubt, there are plenty of values that represent different cultures around countries, that if you are not used to it then could convert in bad, awkward moments or funny situation.

In a subculture in Mexico that I was involved was in religion. In my mind, I thought is just one only religion there, but I was wrong. In Mexico, there are many religions that everyone is free to choose, in me cause I was in a church, that lot of people believe in something great more than this world. They believe in something that calls God that in the majority already know but the surprising thing is that they have more than that. Saints, every church have a specific saint that in my cause was San Jose but just was the name of the church and one of the principals that they had.

In Mexico is the famous and representative religion, catholic. They have a calendar that says birthdays of saints names if, for example, your name is Pedro and in the calendar say, San Pedro than is your saint day that a lot of people celebrate with food, cake, and some piñatas. It is a type of birthday but with more food as a traditional food in Mexico, could be tamales, pozole, menudo or some tacos of different food. The church is open every day, but most of the people go on Sunday since they consider Sunday a religious day for the first day of the week. In my experience, I went with family in this community to see what is about and how works. At the first see is a huge temple that has a lot of statues and incredible paintings around the ceiling.

When you came in there are large chairs with a huge wood podded on the floor that you can put your ness in there and pray. The minister starts saying words and everyone already know what to say after minister finish. All the environment is quiet and a very melancholic tone that is personaly if you like that kind of style you would get into it, but if I not could be kind of boring.

In some cases, in families, the grandmothers and grandfather are more religion than the rest of the family and then is how becoming a religions family because ones are left their religion in other and the next generation. Something that represents Mexico in cultural is proud of their religion since becomes from generations behind.
There many characteristics that are not the same as every country or region, since in Mexico there are many differences in signs or symbols that are not the same as we consider international signs. I was involved in many differences that are too important, one of these has to involve some kind of gangsters in the neighborhood. One of their signs is the fingerings sign, on one hand, they created a letter as putting their fingers like a number or letter and with a rag in the face. The parents of graffiti artists can find sketchbooks containing practice art, several cans of spray paint, surgical gloves, loose nozzles of cans of spray paint, markers larger, adhesive labels, or graffiti photographs and videos.

However, is not just in local signs otherwise there are form the public streets. The road signs in Mexico are more easily to know and understand the purpose of what are they trying to explain. Because there are more images and regularly in red and yellow. The first sign is the bus stop sign, which just represents that the bus route passes by. The next one is the sign image that prevents you from the train. It is kind of more like reading in there that says beware the train in an x symbol.
Interesting initiation rituals that just happens in some ranches far way from town, and is not common have some groups that you could see, they are still practiced in, I just a ritual that was a cleaning remedy without medicines, It consists of applying hot remedies on the body. Many Mexicans use this practice, some medicinal plants such as epazote or tomato roasted in the comal, as well as fatty substances from animals such as chicken or deer. Warming serves, since then and until now, to soothe pain, deflate muscles and reduce fever.

Families in Mexico are talking about the great power that each group is the same as a person who continued on the right path. That's why people learn when they grew up, as parents from Mexico there is something that represents the Mexican community since they teach little kids to be saved and secure. Since when they start growing up for those whose mothers give effect or take care of the little kid, they maintain, which allows the child to develop a concept of self and positive self-confidence. The attitude of parents towards their children will be decisive when their child develops correctly. Therefore, parents must be careful when treating their children and must be patient to grow up healthy and have a strong personality to deal with situations that may arise in the future.

In my conclusion, there are many factors in the subculture that has really impressible significant, things that you thought that you knew it. But you prove the opposite as personally live that experience as a group, been in communities that just the way they teach without talking, a great meaning of the environment that gets you to involve. Memories that are unforgettable, learning that the world is not the same as everyone else, that you created a perspective and making wrong conclusions without having knowledge. Passions that you analyze in each people, that you love how they transmit you their feelings and share things that you never even know. Potential in groups dive the issues and multiply the results in a useful way.

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