Mending Wall: Barriers in Human Communication

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The Title of the poem “mending wall” express by the “Robert Frost” in 1914. This story tells about the “communication gap “which are occurred in between two neighbours. In very spring day, they meet to repair the wall because they think that this wall separates their properties and it should be repaid as soon as possible. whole story act on communication deference every person nowadays suffers from the same thing. This story provides the importance of communication how it is important for everyone to live in society. According to del Socorro Fonseca.M – “To communicate is to come to share something of ourselves. It is a specific rational and emotional quality of man that arises from the need to get in touch with other, exchanging ideas that acquire meaning according to common previous experience.” Nowadays, commonly people do not want to make a connection with other people because it has been vanished somewhere Instead of making contacts with the person people like to spend more time lonely. They feel hesitate to talk with a stranger and enjoy their isolation.

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In this poem, Robert frost uses one line that there is ‘something which does not love a wall’ this line such a big confusion for the reader. It means there is ‘something’ which does not allow two neighbours to make a strong bond between them and they are not feeling good to know each other. the thing is what the author is talking about and who does not love the wall? Here ‘something’ word use for it may be any kind of negative forces or any person through they are felt disconnected from each other. They are many physical barriers and environmental factors involved in disconnection among them. Here on the side of neighbour which are strongly connected with their father’s thoughts he wants to strict with that, it shows that he does not want to put efforts for establishing good communication. his strict and rude behaviour does not allow to Robert to understand him properly. Here one thing is clear that for the establishment of relationship person’s will is very crucial for making good interpersonal relationship without this good relation cannot be established and anyone cannot get the chance to understand the person’s behaviour, emotions etc. Other one reason for dispute communication is over dependency on electronic gadgets. Due to modernization people love to spend most of the time on the internet, television etc. they feel that it is the best way to engage with the people. They prefer to choose to do the message to their friend relatives and other close ones instead of the meeting them. As compared to past days, relationship bonds were very strong because that time electronic gadgets were not developed there for human value was more. These days people follow busy schedule they always avoid making a connection to their loved ones as they perceive that if they meet with someone they will enclose their personal life and nobody like to share life goals with anyone as they can lose their privacy as well. Therefore, people afraid to share their personal life with anyone and feel hesitate to express themselves in front of others.

Society matters a lot for the establishment of effective communication. Nowadays’ people are very concerned about their work for making money. They think that money is more important than anything else. For achieving the best life money is the only the for the human but they do not think about the social gathering how much it is important for them. For living in an area social interaction is much more important because in a ‘community’ no one can live alone. At various point only, a person can help the other person to understand that person’s problem, but it is possible 2 people know each other very when and this is possible if both people have a strong bond between them and has good communication. Some people are affected by religious beliefs, culture etc as in the ancient time some people were very narrow-minded they were living in that kind of society where people had no right to communicate with other people openly. Now some people follow the same thing what their ancestors had done and this kind of beliefs have been passing in the coming generation and putting a great impact on social bonding. Just like in the story neighbour follows his father thoughts. When frost pushes his self to interact more with a neighbour, he wants to stick with one thought only that “good fences make good neighbours” means he only wants to follow his father thought that good neighbours can be made if they stay in their boundaries. Here neighbour does not want to rid of that negative thought which makes hinder for communication between them. the same thing other people follow because they do not want to neglect their ancient myths and some kind of negative believes. As they do not like to talk with strangers because they usually recognized that thing as a wrong way if they do that their life is in danger, therefore, they prefer to avoid to contact with the people and enjoy their loneliness.

In the poem describes how communication gap become widened between all human beings. There are so many barriers who are responsible for the isolation of people like environmental factor, old cultural beliefs etc. It should be definitely changed, this poem provides the importance of communication in an individual's life because every human being needs a society no one can live a life alone. Is should start to be within everyone has to need to put effort to make strong bonding with everyone so no one will feel alone and sense “ togetherness” will appear.

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