Literary Devices and Biblical Themes in Snow White

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From an Archetypal perspective, Little Snow-White is a fairytale in which portrays different meanings and hidden messages through patterns, symbols, and characters. Repetition often occurs within this fairytale to draw attention and thought onto a certain aspect to create a main focus (focal point). By doing so, the true meaning and hidden message of the context can be identified by the reader.

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Good versus evil is a clear common theme within Little Snow-White. Snow-White, being the protagonist, is a character that depicts goodness as she is considered the “fairest of them all”. On the other hand, the queen, viewed as the villain, depicts all that is evil when she countlessly attempts murder upon Snow-White. The queen’s hostility towards Snow-White’s beauty allows her character to become the antagonist of the fairytale. However, the moral of the story is that all good conquers evil; to which Snow-White conquers the queen as she is spared her life and becomes the prince’s wife. Later on, the queen ends up dying at Snow-White’s wedding.

Repetition, used as a literary device, was commonly utilized throughout the fairytale. “As white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood” (Jacob and Wilhelm 1), is a commonly used passage that represents deeper meaning and symbols. The colour white is a symbol of goodness, innocence, and purity (“Color Wheel Pro”). This is clearly evident in Snow-White because she is characterized as all that is good. Snow-White is the “fairest of them all”, meaning she is the symbol of inner beauty and outer beauty. This leads to Snow-White’s purity and innocence. The colour black symbolizes evil, aggression, and death (“Color Wheel Pro”). Represented as the queen, she is seen as all that is evil. Provoked by the queen’s aggressive feelings and thoughts towards Snow-White, her murderous actions were to result in the death of Snow-White. However, the colour red symbolizes both love and anger. Love is represented through the marriage of Snow-White and the prince, as he spared her life and grew love for one another. On the other hand, the queen’s anger is a repetitive emotion throughout the fairytale. Her anger begins when the mirror suggests that Snow-White is the “fairest of them all”; Snow-White being the most beautiful in all the land. The queen’s anger proceeds throughout the fairytale.

Through biblical patterns, Little Snow-White incorporates biblical meanings within the text. After finding Snow-White dead, the dwarfs wash her with water and wine. According to biblical meaning, water and wine symbolize life source; relating to the transformation of water to wine. In addition, the number seven is a common biblical pattern. Snow-White discovers seven plates, spoons, knives, forks, mugs, and beds, to which is lead to the discovery of seven dwarfs. According to biblical meaning, seven corresponds with one’s guardian angel. It is a message of being on the correct lifestyle pathway and the sign of reward (“The Secret”). Once the seven dwarfs become Snow-White’s guardians and provide food and shelter, she is rewarded with a loving husband.

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