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Life in the Medieval Era, the Time of King Arthur

At the time of King Arthur, or the Medieval Era as it is more commonly known as, was very different in: where people lived, their clothes, the different statuses, some jobs they had, the weapons and tools they used, how they spend their time, and...

Le Morte D'Arthur and Beowulf: A Cultural Analysis

Throughout historic times in which war was rampant, a hero of the age always seemed to follow suit. In the audacious tales of Le Morte D’Arthur and Beowulf, the epic poems describe the most heroic men of the chivalric and Anglo- Saxon times. It is...

History of The Rise of Heraldry from 1100 to 1300

Heraldry is defined as “the systematic use of hereditary devices centered upon the shield.” Although relatively unknown and unpopular by the start of the twelfth century, by 1300 heraldry became an essential element of chivalric culture across Europe. By following the rise of heraldry from...

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