Greetings From the 1970s Contemporary Photography

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The term contemporary refers to things happening in the same period of or in the style of the present or recent times so when referring to contemporary photography that is only basic modern 21st-century pictures or videos.. Over the past years, something called 'the medium' has been explained and examined by new technologies between the most significant color photography. Photographers often use these new techniques and progress to present new perspectives on traditional subjects and distributions. Artist describes contemporary photography as pictures where there's the meaning of the picture that holds greater weight than it made out to be.

The main style of contemporary photography is produced as a modern-day style which means today's style of photography, so a picture or image that is more recent and related to today and modern art. The work we see is photography. Photography is done in our time as a reflector of the things we see and feel that is important and that encourages us to consider what we look at every day. The photography we see makes us stop, think, and visualize things, that's helpful with us to stop procrastinating, and getting us more involved, in sum photography helps us. 

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Contemporary photography sums up or reflects us with an opinion about our world today. The world around us is changing and so is photography with it. With the main standards of living, constantly changing, with those the way we represent things must too. What we recognize goes off mainly on what we've been taught to recognize. Studying a photograph can help us see more than you think. This style is unique because no other art uses this exact style display or represent the meaning of art and photography. There is no other art that fits taking modern-day photos and using them to give a certain message off like Contemporary Photography.

Contemporary photography is made up of the practice of people taking pictures with their cameras. This photo-taking was invented during the Industrial Revolution. With the improvement of technology, photographers became more interested in their creativity, and photography began to grow over time. At the beginning of the 1940s, a photographer known as Eliot Porter produced low-key studies of birds and nature where color allowed him to provide a not so straight level of shading. In that period after World War II, just as the United States was entering a period of peace many photographers around the world moved away from documentary type photos and focused more on the qualities of photography, In summary, this means that photographers stopped focusing on the past, and more on the present. 

The main material that is used is a digital camera, cameras got better more and more as technology has improved substantially. I feel the process and the content is connected because it makes both the photographer and the person looking at the photo think, yes they have different views but it connects the photographer thoughts to the art, and how this connects to modern-day life and how it connects to the person viewing the art In contemporary photography, I feel that they do not have the same thought but do have the same intentions. I have concluded this because every photo has its own story but is put up for display for other people to conclude their thoughts and opinions on the work. I don't feel that having the same thought is good because things could have the same point of view but different thoughts. Having the same thought would bring a lot of similar art which is ok but not ok just because now they would focus more on who's arts better than the real art.

In Contemporary photography, the arrangement of the art affects the viewer's point of view because, in the practice of contemporary photography the images being viewed, or in view can look at however the viewer pleases. For example, over the past few decades, the contemporary artist has used different types of interpretation like digital manipulation and large-scale printing techniques, therefore the field has been greatly improved over the course of the years in which contemporary photography has been around. The art of contemporary photography has been used as a representation of many things since the year of its introduction to the world of art, and it has since been used to capture the hearts and minds of many, and only gets better over time. One of these representations includes the artist's concern for society changes or disasters. 

Such as when we view pics of homeless people or lost pets this is an example of the artist's concern for society tragedies. We are exposed to things such as this more often than we may realize, for example, many artists shoot images of the things they find important, or what they believe would be emotionally appealing to their audiences. This practice is used to get more support in whatever actions the artist is trying to promote or emphasize. Workings such as these are meant to challenge the viewer's understanding of the art, this is the same as a writer's appeal to emotion in a story or dialogue, with a bit more influence through visual interpretation.

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