Confessions Of A Shopaholic: Living Under The Life Destructive Control Of Addiction

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Confessions of a Shopaholic is 350 page book written by Sophie Kinsella—a British author. She lives in England and was a former financial journalist just like the main character of the book. She is famous of her Confessions series, Remember Me, Twenties Girl and many more. Her style of writing is often heroin-centered and commonly in a first person point-of-view. She was able to garner the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and was also awarded Glamour Award for writer. It is a chick literature book which is type of genre which focuses on the protagonist’s own trials and tribulation with themselves.

Rebecca Bloomwood also known as Becca, is a financial journalist working on Successful Savings-a publishing company. She is described as a shopaholic person and has issues in managing her own expenses. The book talks about her and her trials in her journey as a shopaholic person. Luke Brandon—head of Brandon Communications is somewhat the leading man of the protagonist, he may not be described as a knight-and-shining armor but he is one of the personas who will be able to change Becca on her journey. He is a round character in the story which shows a great change throughout the book. Claire Edwards is her workmate that she often envies for achieving some of her goals in their work; Claire is one of the sole reasons why Becca is eager to change her lifestyle. Suze Cleath-Stuart is her best friend and also her roommate, who is described as a very loving and supportive friend of Becca. She plays a significant role in helping Becca develop and change throughout her journey.

The Weather Couple namely Martin and Janice Weather—also plays a very significant role in her journey as they give a very big part in the change of the life course of Becca. And lastly Dereck Smeath the manager of Edwinch Bank, played a very big role as Becca finally realizes the importance of her actions, and how it transforms her life and the people around her as well. The story took place in London, England, places like the different boutiques, companies and the hometown of Becca. It begins with Becca receiving a mail from the different banks she had loans and how her problems starts to arise. Determined to change her lifestyle and manage herself from being a shopaholic, she tries a lot of strategies in order for her to be able to change her life, like saving money or cutting back her expenses.

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After a lot of trials she still was not able to live up to her expectations leading for her to get back to her old ways again. But as she starts to feel like her life has gone off already, many obstacles arrive and she finally faces it on her own. With her realizations, she is able to feel the importance of her actions and how it affects her entire life alongside with the people around her and how these realizations changed the course of her life. The book tells us that even if we have loads of wants and aspirations in life, we should always learn how to discipline ourselves just like how Becca tried so hard to discipline herself in not spending a lot through a lot of strategies but ended up realizing how one must internalize the actions you do in your life. Also self-control in a way that we should always control ourselves from doing impulsive actions that we often regret on the later part, in the book Becca shows a lot of regrets from failing to control herself but through her failures she was then able to learn from it and able to practice how to control herself.

Overall the book really teaches us how our actions will not only affect the present events of our lives but also to our future. Honestly for me, it was frustrating to know and witness how shopaholic Becca is, and how she really tries to manage herself but end up failing to do so. But as you internalize the book you will surely learn how it gives a very important lessons and realizations to us, most especially to the shopaholics out there, it will surely be an eye-opener to their part.

The strongest quality of the book I guess is how it greatly portrays the life of Becca and how relatable it is to some, or probably many people out there, because surely there are really many people who are too shopaholic to the extent that they often end up having a lot of debts. I guess the weak part is how unrealistic some parts became, like how easily her life changes with one single particular event that happened. I would probably recommend this book to those who have a hard time managing and controlling themselves in spending on stuff that are not that important, most probably this can be a guide to them and an eye-opener to them on how important self-discipline and control is. Most probably from the age bracket of 17-28 can relate to the book or can understand it as the people who belong to this age bracket tend to have money and spending issues.

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