Comparison Of The Advantages Of Android And Apple Operating Systems

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Android and Apple are two dominating operating systems in the world phone market. In the era of technological evolution, these two operating systems played a very important role. This battle began in September 2009 when Android was launched as an open-source mobile operating system and now used by 80 different phones manufactures. Apple, on the other hand, was launched in January 2009 which was having the advantage of first entry to the market.

Advantages of Apple

Apple is a multinational American based company co-founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. They are known for there innovation and durability starting from their first Machintosh computer to the most recent iPad or iPhone series.

Apple is known for its classy and elegant looks which makes it stand different from the crowd. Apple entered the market with a very innovative idea of replacing the physical qwerty keyboard with a new touch screen keypad which replaced blackberry’s qwerty keypad. Apple provides a high level of privacy which is vital for freedom.

Apple Vs Android Rivalry

Apple and Android market strategies

Apple and Android both use very different market strategies. In the case of innovation, Apple is very particular with its design it prefers to have a very sleek and beautiful finish whereas in android which is used by Samsung comes with a galaxy series which has more emphasis on the inner build of the product. Apple has a very strange strategy when it comes to brand promotion it doesn’t promote itself much on social media instead use TVCs whereas Samsung makes most of it by advertising it on facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.

Samsung launched a stylus with an innovative campaign called “Incredible art piece” in which many artists compete on a single art piece which later entered the Guinness world record this attracted many people all over the world. This thing involved customer engagement. Apple launched a campaign called “The Verse” in which people shared their stories about how they use the iPad. The initial growth of android operating system came through the Samsung galaxy series and HTC. Samsung phones were used to take a selfie by celebrities in the entertainment shows like oscar which was watched by millions of people. This gave android an upper hand in the expansion.

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Clearly from the world map of ios vs apple, we can see apple dominates in the regions where per capita income is more USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Newzealand etc are the regions dominated by apple. Whereas in China has mixed user and Russia is mainly dominated by Android.


Time of entry

One of the major factors that seemed to have affected the result of all kinds of rivalry battles was “the timing of the market entry”. The first entrant of the market to have more disadvantages comparing to secondary or later invaders for major reasons they have to open up a market with insufficient demand for the product, In this case, apple entered the market first with fully touch screen keypad which replaced all the existing physical keypad but android 1.0 came with thick plastic body with a physical body it had pattern lock to unlock the screen but apple had a slide to unlock with password which was much easier to use. Android had a play store with launch of its first android phone but the iPhone user has to wait a year to get app store. Android learnt things that Apple hasn’t provided and try to come up with more innovative ideas.

Complimentary goods

In order to have more complementary goods, firms should thoroughly research the market and invest in knowledge acquisition to make sure the format of product is in demand and also well designed for other products to easily consolidate. This requires long-term strategies and well-established clear visions made in the earlier stage of the development. Clearly more complimentary goods come with the android smartphone as it has 3.5 mm jack in which we can insert any earphones or headphones, charging port, ability to share pictures with Bluetooth, we can add memory by the external SD card. On the other hand, the iPhone user has to completely commit to the Apple product as their complementary product cant be used by other devices.


Android allows the more flexible structure as being able to customise. It has more widgets, apps and features. When it comes to app organization, android has a function to put the most recent or most used app on the home screen. In android, we can customise widgets and can place them anywhere on the home screen. Even though apple entered the market first with a new virtual assistant called Siri which was quite basic but androids google assistant was much more advanced Android also gives a function to keep time on the sleeping screen whereas in apple this feature is absent. Apple is more rigid when it comes to technological flexibility.

Reputation and Brand name

Apple is known for its premium built quality and is symbol of status. An Apple user doesn’t bother much about the value for money factor whereas in android smartphones it is a key factor. As apple phones are too expensive its is very difficult for a common man to afford an iPhone this is why it has a brand name and reputation as fewer people can afford it.

Android smartphone comes from low to high range cost and various company targeting specified market ranges. Even though flagship phones are available in android which are expensive, the bread and butter market for android is low to mid-range phones. So people obsessed with brand name go for apple while the ones who prefer specification go for android smartphones.

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