Common Themes in Ransom and the Movie Invictus

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Composed as a literary novel that narrates through a legend of redemption and inscribed in the context of Ancient Troy is “Ransom” by David Malouf, which unravels how changes come to the reception of individuals in worlds. Such can also be said of the film “Invictus”, the two texts applaud the power of ta changed perception as well as its impact on an individual, an institution and a country. In addition, Malouf and Eastwood’s intention are also in coincide on the fact that external inspiration has internally engendered a personal growth with others. Moreover, Ransom and Invictus elucidates that the power of forgiveness and how characters in both texts change their perspective from revenge to forgiveness.

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Malouf and Eastwood in agreement on the point that external inspirations conspire to produce a resultant change within the interior of the individual. In Invictus, the director use the median shot when a door of the restroom is thrown beer cans at by Springboks team member features the guilt of Pienaar and his team of disappointing their fans with their performance. This is later demonstrated in the film with the upbeat soundtrack along with a rendered theme of jubilance, it outlines every player of Springboks tries their utmost at full tilt throughout the match against all Blacks. Nevertheless, Mandela’s external enlightenment that motivates the Springboks “to do their best” has consequently occurred to Pienaar and his team the necessity for them to transform their “unprepared and arrogant” attitude for the establishment of “rainbow nation” in a similar vein, the theme also suggests in the novel Ransom such as Achilles kneels to Priam and mistaking himself. Achilles' eagerness to change and for others to rescue him from being devoured by his grief to revenge is unleashed by the advent of Priam, which internally bridges both aspects of his personality to trigger a change within him. Therefore, Ransom and Invictus intertwine at the ideology that outer enlightenment is what can inspire a drastic change in the individual’s inner belief.

A change in attitude also allows individuals to rise above the limited, immediate present to have a vision. In the film Invictus, Mandela’s vision is exemplified by the change in his imagination to change the Springboks from a symbol of apartheid, a crestfallen loser to a symbol of reconciliation and a world champion. The film also applauds Mandela’s ambition is not limited to a victory in the sports field. His pursuit and design are more focused on uniting his people, black and white through the attraction of sports and projecting an image of reconciliation in front of the world to themselves with Mandela’s goal and the destiny of south Africa as “a rainbow nation country.” Similarly, in the novel Ransom, Priam’s change in attitude which eventually provides him a vison of approaching Achilles as a father and commoner. As Troy’s living and breathing symbol. King Priam realizes that the Trojans need a fixed icon as a symbol of stability and unity. Thus, Priam acknowledges his role as a king. “an abstract of the lands he represents, their living map”. Whilst he is aware of the importance of the figurehead, he realizes he is in fact a vulnerable old man and he constantly worries about revealing his true humanity.

Moreover, both texts illustrate that the power of forgiveness is liberating for every character that makes them change their departure from revenge to forgiveness. In the film “Invictus”, The theme can be found in Mandela words to his bodyguard Jason and Linga to accept the white staff who used to work with “de Klerk administration”. Jason’s tense facial expression as well as his words “am I under arrested” and “not long ago, they tried to kill us”. Nevertheless, Mandela adopts a fatherly stance to preach to him and points out that “rainbow nation starts here”,comparing ‘forgiveness’ to ‘the most powerful weapon’ and asserts that “reconciliation starts here.” Thus, Jason has learnt to forgive and his change reflects the critical importance of forgiveness. In addition, in the film, Mandela as a father figure appeals to his humanity, highlights the power of forgiveness in its ability to “liberate the soul” and “remove fear” as “a powerful weapon”. Similarly, Malouf also portrays forgiveness as an outcome for liberating and change in perspective. Unlike the film Invictus, which uses more language technique, such as the inner voice and dialogue to explore the theme.

Through a minor character, the writer commends Somax’s courage in overcoming the grief over the loss of a son and forgives his mule Beauty whose loss of footing and “knocked him sideways” and causes his death. Somax’s natural response of revenge, as he “felt like punching her”, however, Somax is quelled by the knowledge that there is no “good of that” and vengeance would “not bring him back”. Hence, Somax chooses to accept the tragedy as part of his life and forgive Beauty rather than wallow in the feelings of resentment and self-pity. Additionally, Somax’s denial of vengeance spurs Priam away from his uncontrolled vitriol as he realizes that like Beauty.” It is in Achilles “nature to kill”. This acts as a catalyst for Priam to transcend his past mentality and come to an understanding of the futility of revenge.

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